Piaggio MP3, three wheels in reverse? Here is the patent


An MP3 in reverse

Presented in 2006 by Piaggio, MP3 it was the first 3-wheeled scooter to be mass-produced. Perfected over the years to defend itself from increasingly fierce competition, the pioneer of the three wheels could soon evolve into something completely different. To suggest it are patents recently filed by Piaggio depicting an unprecedented model, always with three wheels, but “on the contrary”: two wheels behind and one in front. If the engine seems rather traditional, the novelty concerns precisely the “formation” of the wheels and the suspension scheme, which allows the rear wheels to adopt the same bending angle as the body of the vehicle. A vehicle with two rear wheels, it must be said, would not be an absolute novelty (see the BSA Ariel 3 of the 70s and the Honda Gyro arrived 10 years later), but the novelty lies in the scheme designed by Piaggio and based on the use of joints at each end of the axis that transmit the driving force even when they are not in a perpendicular position. For the moment, however, we cannot tell you more about the possible new model, no information has arrived from Piaggio and therefore it cannot be excluded that there may be any changes in the patents in the future. Maybe, but even this is only a hypothesis, it could even be the scheme of a new work model: what would you say about a ‘Bee bending in curves? And why not also think of a four-wheel model, obtained by “mixing” the MP3 that we all already know with the two-wheel rear scheme? Assumptions: for confirmations or any denials we should necessarily wait for new indiscretions or, why not, announcements coming directly from Pontedera.

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