Photos of the alleged Roman mosaic discovered in the Veronese hills Flashes


SAP Archaeological Society has released the photos taken to what is presumed to be the mosaic floor of a Roman villa discovered under a vineyard in Negrar, a hill town in Valpolicella, province of Verona. It has long been believed that in this area there was a large Roman settlement, given the numerous finds made in the past and now on display in the Archaeological Museum at the Roman Theater in Verona.

The last in-depth excavations, however, dated back to 1922. Last summer, on the initiative of the archaeologist Gianni De Zuccato, the Superintendency of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Verona returned to the place, immediately finding portions of mosaic believed to be from the first century after Christ. The works were then suspended for the harvest and resumed in the autumn, but again blocked by the coronavirus emergency. In May they resumed another time and in a week a large portion of mosaic flooring in excellent condition was discovered thanks to the “protection” offered over the centuries by agricultural land.

The mayor of Negrar commented the discovery saying: «We believe that a cultural site of this value deserves attention and should be enhanced. For this reason, together with the Superintendency and private individuals of agricultural funds, we will find a way to make this treasure enjoyable ».

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