Phase 2: Zucchetti, the desk can be booked via smartphone – Covid19 Companies and Emergency


ANSA editorial staff

(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 25 – Book workstations,
desks, meeting rooms and more from your PC or smartphone,
thanks to a platform designed to facilitate management and
the use of work environments, especially in light of
new security measures imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. TO
to realize it is Zuchetti, the software house of Lodi founded more than
40 years ago. “ZWorkspace” is a management platform
of spaces and booking of work assets, explains the
group, highlighting that “is also a concrete answer to
security measures contained in the Government’s Dpcm: monitoring
gatherings, respect for the distance between people,
access control to gates, limitation of places
bookable, staggered entrances, immediate feedback of
present in the company “. According to Zucchetti,” the health emergency,
however, it only accelerated a need that was already felt
by businesses and workers, that is, making life experience in
more dynamic, more organized and smarter company.

It was from this model that ZWorkspace was born. “Thanks to this
application each worker can book workstations,
desks and lounges but also classrooms and parking lots, from your pc or from
mobile devices also using the area plans
business. (HANDLE).


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