Phase 2: Zaia: ‘We are not a leper colony’ – Politics


The President of Veneto, Luca Zaia, reiterates his opposition to the privileged ‘corridors’ between European states and calls for “an EU direction” and the intervention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to resolve the problem. “Just consider Italy as the Wuhan of Europe.
There is the whole world, especially that of tourism, which looks at us – Zaia underlines – Switzerland opens up to everyone except us, and considers us plague victims; Croatia is going in this direction.
What is the difference between us and France? The health quality of our country is questioned. The idea that we are a leper colony cannot pass. “
According to Zaia “there is no community direction: how can Austria or Croatia decide autonomously. There is a whole ‘do it yourself’, and it is a problem. Indeed, it is scandalous”.


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