Phase 2: Zaia, halfway point Thursday – Veneto


(ANSA) – VENICE, MAY 24 – “The data say that we are going towards a peaceful situation, but we will see the ‘turning point’ on Thursday, to understand if the lack of respect for the rules with the ‘movida’ has brought damage” . Luca Zaia said it in the daily press conference on the Covid-19 situation in Veneto. The governor stressed the importance of the drop in positives “especially after the increase in openings and therefore an increase in socialization in this first week”. During the meeting Zaia also presented the video made by the Veneto Region, which will be disseminated on social networks from today, to raise public awareness of the respect of the rules in moments of leisure and aperitifs in the square: “Covid-19 is fought in hospital, but above all outside “is the slogan that concludes the film.

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