Phase 2 Tuscany: the rules on free beaches, distance of 4 meters between umbrellas


The free beach of Marina di Pisa
The free beach of Marina di Pisa
Florence, 30 May 2020 – The Tuscany Region issues the complex of rules to be able to take advantage of the free beaches. An expected regulation, given the many that in summer, even from the hinterland, go to the coast for a little refreshment in the free areas of the beach, those without bathing establishments where it is not necessary to pay for entry.

As the Region explains, it must be respected on free beaches the distance of a meter among people (except for cohabitants), but at least 1.80 meters are still recommended. The mask, which can not be worn lying on the beach, must be at hand in case of situations in which it was impossible to stay at least one meter.

Between one umbrella and another planted on the ground there must be at least four meters, and a meter and a half between beds, chairs and deck chairs. Group play and sporting activities cannot be carried out. Municipalities will in turn be able to establish further rules for access to the beach.

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