Phase 2, towards the reopening of Lombardy


The daily bulletin is about to be published, when Governor Attilio Fontana shows himself live on video on Facebook: “In Lombardy the data of the contagions from Coronavirus are all extremely positive. They are improving on previous estimates “. A few minutes pass and the well-known tables appear on the website of the Ministry of Health. The new positives are 593 throughout Italy, of which 64% – that is 382 people – in Lombardy alone. 2.5% of the swabs made in the Northern League region tested positive. Fontana decides to play in advance in an attempt to spread his narrative, undoubtedly optimistic after the afterlife of the Gimbe Foundation, according to which Lombardy, Liguria and Piedmont cannot open on June 3 together with the other regions. The Foundation also accused Lombardy of rigging the data and the lawsuit was triggered on a day when the mathematical calculations, statistics and algorithms to verify the epidemiological curve got to the heart. However, not only by Governor Fontana, but also by those in government who follow the matter closely, there is a cautious optimism.

“Lombardy is closed in extreme cases, if the data gets worse, for now they seem to be improving, but we are waiting for monitoring from the Higher Institute of Health”, explain sources of the executive, aware that from the world of business and tourism comes a strong pressing for the restart. Obviously the picture can be reversed within a few hours and a few days, for this reason there is still a lot of caution and a final decision will be taken close to June 3. On Friday, however, there will be the first important check when the overall picture of the last seven days is examined.

The infections in Lombardy are well above the national average, but apparently they do not seem to worry President Fontana. Indeed, quite the opposite. The desire to reopen prevails. A desire that turns into a real craving when the governor says he is “convinced that from June 3rd the Lombards will be free to move throughout Italy”. In the background there is the clash between regions, just think that Sardinia has asked citizens coming from Lombardy and Piedmont for a health passport if they want to land on the island.

Minister Boccia stops any kind of momentum. If Italy starts again, “it starts again without distinctions,” he says. The government has not yet made a final choice and will not make it before Sunday. In the next few hours, the data on monitoring which takes into account the openings of 18 May will further clarify what the photograph of the Regions is, but will not be sufficient. The experts will take another 24-36 hours to evaluate other numbers, those relating to the last weekend when in several Italian cities the squares of the nightlife were filled with young people, and to understand – in case of presence of new and contained outbreaks – if it is necessary or less identify red areas.

The goal remains that expressed by Boccia in Parliament, to ensure that it can be reopened in a unified manner. “We will carry out rigorous and secular assessments. But if all regions start again, they start again without distinction. The distinction between citizens of one city compared to another is not foreseen, if we are healthy we move. ”

If this means unlocking all 3 June or postponing for a few days, you will know it at the beginning of next week and therefore at the moment the hypothesis of reopening everything remains by introducing a quarantine phase for those who move, even if Boccia claimed that at the moment “we are not in this

The Prime Minister’s decree currently in force provides that from June 3, citizens of Schengen countries and of Great Britain will be able to move freely in our country. If the whole of Italy, or only Lombardy, were to remain closed, the ban on entry into Italy from other states should be prolonged. Attilio Fontana, however, says he is confident that from 3 there will be no more constraints for his region and with more caution this is also the hope of the government.

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