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The president Stefano Bonaccini has called, by videoconference, an extraordinary meeting of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces for today at 17.30. On the agenda, integration of the guidelines for reopening.

THE GOVERNOR OF LIGURIA– “The borders between Regions are the competence of the Government and no one imagines how Regions to cross, after which I don’t think Italy can remain a closed country between Region and Region”. So the president of the Liguria region Giovanni Toti this morning to RaiNews24 comments on the possibility of a summer without Lombards in Liguria as the coronavirus contagion index recorded beyond the Apennines may not allow it. “It will be necessary to carefully see the contagion data, which however is falling a little everywhere, even in Lombardy, which suffers from the fact that it was the region most affected. – he adds – I don’t think Liguria and Italy can survive with the borders closed for a long time “. “If those who take citizenship income make themselves useful, it does not harm themselves or the country. It applies to the stewards who will control access to free beaches as well as for agricultural harvesting in the countryside,” said Toti, who agrees with the idea of ​​using citizenship income earners to quota beach access during the coronavirus epidemic. “They are people who have an income paid with the taxes of the Italians and therefore it is right that when needed, like socially useful jobs, they make themselves useful” he underlined.

THE MAYOR OF MILAN – In Milan “gyms and swimming pools will be open from the beginning of June. As for the municipal facilities managed directly by Milano Sport or under concession what we see today is that more or less 50% are open, obviously in particular those focused on practice individual, tennis, athletics “. The mayors of Milan explained it, Giuseppe Sala, in the daily video on social media that today dedicated to sport. “We all ask great attention to the sanitation of the premises, spaces, the control of the number of entrances and the spacing”, he concluded.

THE PRESIDENT OF LAZIO – “Young people are not the greasers of this time. They are the main victims of this period. They started to pay from the training point of view, they pay on the job, they will pay on the public debt. Yes, it serves their part, like everyone else’s , responsibility for behavior, but we must not criminalize them: we invest in them because it is right and because we have to fight for the future of boys and girls, they are not a problem, but immense resources of the Italian rebirth “. So the leader Pd Nicola Zingaretti in a Facebook post.

PIEDMONT – Obligatory masks also outdoors when there is a risk of gatherings, and always in the parking lots and areas in front of shopping centers and supermarkets, ban on the sale of takeaway alcohol after 19 in the nightlife areas, and closing of bars and restaurants at 1 am. In view of the first weekend with the administration exercises also open in Piedmont, the Region, the Municipality of Turin, the Prefecture and the Police Headquarters, they kick off the package of measures against gatherings agreed yesterday. The governor of Piedmont confirmed it by videoconference today Alberto Cirio, the mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino, the prefect Claudio Palomba, and the leaders of the Police, Carabinieri, and Guardia di Finanza. “From the beginning of the emergency we have followed a line of great caution, – explained Cirio – caution is a must, we want to reopen everything but do it forever. We have established some measures to avoid nightlife, and attention to their respect will be very high “.

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