Phase 2, the Municipality of Milan signs anti-movida ordinance: fines of up to 3 thousand euros


Aperitifs in the company e gatherings in the squares, bars and meeting places: the Phase 2 is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and, to counter the risk of a further increase in infections from Covid-19, the Municipality of Milan has thought it well to solve the problem by signing an “anti-movida” ordinance.

Anti-movida ordinance: the mayor Sala passes from words to deeds

Milan it was one of the cities most affected by the pandemic. The number of people infected and killed by Coronavirus in the municipality is among the highest in Italy, so much so that now – in full Phase 2 (here the QuiFinanza special) – while in many other parts of the country the emergency seems to be slowly returning, in the Lombard capital the situation has not improved much.

For this reason, to date, the images of gatherings outside the premises experts and institutions are concerned. There are serious odds that a new outbreak develop, being cautious is therefore essential.

Hence the idea of ​​the union Giuseppe Sala di issue an “anti-movida” order which, after being announced by the same few days ago, was signed and has become operational from Tuesday 26 May 2020.

What the anti-movida ordinance provides: prohibited behavior

According to what the anti-movida ordinance provides di Sala, from Tuesday 26 May and until Monday 15 June in Milan it will be prohibited:

  • to business to sell alcoholic beverages of any strength from 19.00 to 7.00 in the morning;
  • to citizens to consume, always from 19.00 to 7.00 in the morning, alcoholic drinks on a public or private area for public use (therefore including parks, gardens and villas open to the public).

From the ban on selling alcoholic beverages in the indicated time slot are excluded medium and large sales structures and shopping centers, while the same applies to “all types of public businesses, neighborhood businesses, craft takeaway activities and vending machines”.

Fines of up to 3 thousand euros for those who break the rules

There sanction provided for those who violate the provisions of the ordinance is one fine whose amount may vary from 400 euros to 3 thousand euros.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages of any grade therefore remains allowed only within public establishments at fixed and external locations, in the areas under concession and exclusively with table service, where the staff of the room can monitor the situation and, taking into account the guidelines currently in force, avoid gatherings and ensure compliance with the safety.

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