Phase 2, the government’s decision: from June 3 yes to travel between regions


«The current law decree provides from 3 June infraregional travel. At the moment there are no reasons to review the planned reopening of the trips. We will monitor the trend of the curve again in the next few hours “. This was stated by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, at the end of the meeting of the heads of delegation.

The Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia will hear the presidents of the Regions in the next few hours, to continue to discuss the opening to intra-regional movements from June 3rd. The comparison, it is explained, will continue in the coming days as has already happened throughout the week. However, a meeting of the State-Regions conference is not currently scheduled.

“There is currently no critical situation in Italy relating to the Covid-19 epidemic.” The data of the Higher Institute of Health push towards the complete reopening of the country: therefore, the travel bans should drop on June 3 and it should be possible to move freely throughout Italy, after almost three months.

But with scientists who warn: the incidence of cases “is very heterogeneous” on the national territory, there are Regions with a very large number and others with low contagion; that’s why, when “the frequency and extent” of circulation in the country increases, you will need to be very careful and be ready to isolate any new outbreaks.

«The monitoring data is encouraging. The major sacrifices of lockdown have produced these results. We must continue on the road we have gradually taken, “says Health Minister Roberto Speranza, one of those in the government who has always maintained a line of rigor and prudence since the beginning of the emergency.

And it was just Hope, at the summit convened by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with the majority delegation heads, the ministers Francesco Boccia, Luciana Lamorgese, Luigi Di Maio and the undersecretary Roberto Fraccaro, to illustrate the trend of the curve and the monitoring related to the week from 18 to 24 May, the one that coincided with the reopening of bars, restaurants, shops and, also, with the first gatherings in the nightlife squares.

Basically, he explained, the notorious Rt (the virus transmissibility index) is below 1 in all Regions, the trend of new cases is decreasing and although some territories still have a very high numerical base, c is a good reaction capacity of the health system. So closed speech? Not yet, even if the pressure on the government to reopen the whole country on the 3rd is very strong: by governors, opposition, economic categories and also by those who in the majority had so far not been unbalanced: the chief grillino Vito Crimi, who asked two days ago that only “movements in neighboring areas were allowed, considering that in Lombardy people still die”, he now urges for a total reopening: “I do not think it is appropriate to extend further, I believe that 3 should be opened without differentiation between Regions”. The government will therefore take a few more hours before formalizing the decision. First of all, in analyzing the data, scientists have repeatedly stressed that the virus is far from defeated, given that “new outbreaks” have already been identified and that the situation is “epidemiologically fluid” in many Regions.

So even if you decide to reopen there must be “strict compliance” with the measures of distance, hygiene and ban on gathering. Not only that: health systems must continue to be strengthened to deal with a possible rise in infections and we must be ready, as Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri says, to isolate any red areas: “in case of changes, surgical backward steps may be necessary” . Because these are the only ones’ armies available to counter the spread.

Then there is another aspect which is entirely political. And it is the concern of several Regions, especially those in the center and south that have a very low number of cases, to find the virus at home for the movements of those arriving from territories where instead the circulation of Covid is much higher. A fear already expressed in recent days from Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia to which Lazio and Campania have also joined today, with Vincenzo de Luca who as usual has not used turns of words: “it is entirely reasonable – said the governor from Campania – that if there is a territory with a very high number of infected people, this territory must have limitations to mobility “.

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