Phase 2, the government: “All regions reopen from June 3.” Hope: “But monitoring continues”. Now I compare Boccia-governors


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You go to the reopening of all Regions from 3 June without quarantine requirement. Is this theorientation emerged during the summit of government during which the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, illustrated i data of the health monitoring that were collected on the territories. It remains, government sources explain, however a careful eye to the epidemiological data of the next 4 days to get to the definitive ok. “The current law decree provides for the resumption of movements infra. At the moment there is no reason to review the planned reopening of the movements. We will monitor the trend of the curve again in the next few hours “, explained Speranza at the end of the meeting with the Heads of Delegation of the forces that support the government. Now the Regions await the comparison with the executive, even if there are no summons or official confirmations. The Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia he will hear the governors “one by one” over the phone to continue discussing the opening. The dialogue, it is explained, will go on in the next few days as it has happened for the whole week. However, a meeting of the State-Regions conference.

However, scientists warn about the cautions to be observed because the incidence of cases “It’s very heterogeneous” on the national territory, there are Regions with a very high number and others a low contagion. When “the frequency and extent” of circulation in the country increases, you will therefore need to be very careful and be ready to isolate any new outbreaks. “The monitoring data is encouraging. The major sacrifices of lockdown have produced these results. We must continue on the path taken gradually, “Minister Speranza explained before the summit with Conte. The majority delegation heads, Ministers Boccia, Lamorgese and Di Maio and Undersecretary Fraccaro explained thecurve trend and monitoring related to the week from 18 to 24 May, which coincided with the reopening of Cafe, restaurants shops and also with the former ‘Gatherings’ in the nightlife squares. Basically, he said, the notorious rt (the virus transmissibility index) is below 1 in all regions, the trend of new cases is in decrease and although some territories still have a very high numerical base, there is one good reaction capacity of the health system.

If the data does not precipitate in the next four days, then, the discussion on differentiated openings will definitely end. Also because the pressure on the government to reopen the whole country on the 3rd is very strong: from Governors, opposition, economic categories and also by those who in the majority so far had not been unbalanced. To reopen the ‘borders’ there will not even be a need new Dpcm: the one in force provides for a ban on intra-regional travel up to 2, while starting from the following day these can be “limited only with measures adopted pursuant to article 2 of decree-law 19 of 2020, in relation to specific areas of the territory national, according to principles of adequacy e proportionality to risk epidemiological actually present in these areas “.

In deciding to reopen the whole country, however, the government will have to take two elements into account. First of all, in analyzing the data, scientists have repeatedly stressed that the virus is far from being beaten, given that “new outbreaks” have already been identified and the situation is “Epidemiologically fluid” in many regions. So even if you decide to reopen there must be the “Strict respect” of the spacing measures, hygiene and assembly ban. Not only that: i health systems they must continue to be strengthened to face one possible ascent of the infections and you have to be ready, as the deputy minister for health says Pierpaolo Sileri, to isolate any red areas: “In the event of changes, surgical backward steps may be necessary”. Because these are the only ‘weapons’ available to counter the spread.

The other aspect is instead entirely political political. And it is the concern of several Regions, especially those of the Center-Sud who have a very low number of cases, to find the virus at home for the movements of those who come from territories where the circulation of Covid is much higher. A fear already expressed in recent days by Sardinia, Sicily is Puglia to which were also added the Lazio and the Campania, with Vincenzo De Luca who as usual did not use turns of words: “It is entirely reasonable – said the governor from Campania – that if there is a territory with a very high number of infected, this territory must have limitations to mobility “. For this the Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia will hear one by one the Presidents of the Regions – at the moment a meeting of the State-Regions Conference is not foreseen – continuing that confrontation which has been going on for a week and which will continue until 3. Explaining again what for the government is a mantra: “The Constitution he says that ‘health passports’ cannot be imposed. ”

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