Phase 2, the consultant Covid arrives on film and TV sets


In the United States, plans are being made to join the traditional figures who work on the sets of film and television productions with a public health specialist to limit the risks among operators in the sector, including actors
While in all parts of the world the first post-Covid 19 productions (THE SPECIAL – GRAPHICS) are slowly starting to restart and we are ready to rearrange the sets, the news arrives from the United States that a new support figure for the productions will soon arrive will open shortly from here.

Covid consultant


Phase 2, cinema and TV: protocol signed for the resumption of productions

This is the Covid consultant who, at least in intentions, should help the studios, the many producers but also the actors to better face the dynamics that develop in the cinema and television environments. This new figure should be an epidemiologist or in any case a specialist public health can provide detailed strategies to deal with large crews who often work in tight spaces, make-up artists who are face to face with the most important actors who in the dynamics of a film must necessarily have physical contacts with others perform, in a scene of love or violence.

The production situation in the world


Phase 2, Zaia: “The Venice Film Festival will be held in September”

Meanwhile, the productions have been restarted in various parts of the world. From South Korea, to Australia, Sweden, Poland and New Zealand, where, it is news of a few days ago, the shooting of Avatar 2 by James Cameron. The appeal is missing from the United States where, the sets of the major productions still remain stationary. In Hollywood, the film industry is still waiting for operational protocols for when productions are restarted. Meanwhile, the major unions that represented many film and TV actors have hired experts from Harvard and the University of California of Los Angeles to develop some guidelines. Director Guild of America, which brings together a corporation of US film and television directors, has chosen Steven Soderbergh, director of the 2011 pandemic thriller Contagion, to lead a task force that has already started working with the best epidemiologists.

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