Phase 2, Sala: “Regions ask for an immunity license? We will remember it” | Solinas: “Have the decency to be silent”


Toti’s open arms – “I see that some regional presidents, such as that of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, say that they will welcome the Milanese with open arms” when you can travel between one region and another, Sala explained in the usual social video. The Milanese mayor referred to the possibility that Lombardy may remain closed even after June 3. Giovanni Toti has clearly expressed himself in favor of a total reopening while Sicily and Sardinia reason differently and do not seem in favor of the idea of ​​restoring free movement.

The thrust in Sicily and Sardinia – Sala addressed them to them, albeit without mentioning names. “Other presidents, I will not mention them, say that maybe an immunity license would be better. Here I speak as a citizen even before a mayor: when I decide where to go for a weekend or a holiday I will remember it,” he explained.

Solinas: “Have the decency to be silent” – And just from Christian Solinas, Sardinian governor, came the reply. “Sala on coronavirus should use the decency of silence after his infamous public aperitifs in full epidemic. Nobody asked for improbable immunity licenses, but a simple certificate of negativity,” he added.

Need and desire to move – Sala then spoke about the topic of June 3 and the possibility, all to be verified, that the Lombards could leave the regional borders. “We need and want to go to find a relative, to go to the sea or to the mountains. Then we are doing our homework well and, for example, my order on Tuesday goes in this direction, that is to try to contain the potential spread of Covid, “he said, referring to the ban on takeaway drinks in Milan after 7pm to combat nightlife.

Notice to government – “What the government will decide we will apply, it is clear, but I ask the government, in particular I asked yesterday to Minister Boccia, that they do not tell us the day before, and it also seems natural to me, because many have to organize themselves” , clarified Sala.

Understanding the parameters – Furthermore, he said, “the thing that interests me most is to understand by what parameters this decision will be made. To understand, to be informed, they will consider R0, the number of tampons made, people in intensive care, what? In After all, I believe that it is right to give this type of information, it would also be nice if they told us, then someone will decide and we will apply. But in this situation, I believe that being involved in what is happening is fundamental “, he concluded.

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