Phase 2, more than 7 out of 10 companies have already reopened. The problem is consumption: only 29% of Italians have returned to spending in clubs and shops


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They expect the results of this with optimism weekend, but in the meantime the first week of Phase 2 for the operators it started at slow motion. Certainly not the reopenings, which involved more than 7 out of ten companies. The problem concerns instead i consumption: to date only the 29% from Italian has returned to use the activities that are starting to buy products or services. This is what emerges from a survey conducted by Swg with Confesercenti on consumers and businesses. The still reduced movement of the customers – is one of the data that emerged – has heavily affected the revenues of most activities in these first days of restart. The weekend, however, could mark an acceleration: the 26% of consumers plans purchases for this weekend, the first of the after-lockdown.

The 72% in fact it is already restarted, but of these 68% admit to having worked so far at a loss, while 37% report sales more than halved than normal. There is also a 17% which instead believes it has maintained revenue levels more or less equal to the ante-lockdown period, while only one 13% see one growth. They suffered most restaurants, trattorias and pizzerias: According to the survey, 92% of business owners of the administration believe unsatisfactory or the results of the first opening days are very unsatisfactory. Follow i Cafe (83%). Beauty centers is hairdressersinstead, they live a first rebound, with a percentage of satisfied and very satisfied respectively 81 he was born in 62%.

The long wave of the emergency weighs on consumption coronavirus. Among those who have given up on purchases, explains the Swg survey, the 54% declares not to have bought why he didn’t need to. We therefore continue to follow the advice to limit the movements not strictly necessary. 24%, however, did not return to shops and bars for fear of expose yourself to risks. But there is also a 14% that he prefers to save: the first signs of tensions on the work, employee and independent, follow up on the health emergency.

Covid’s shadow is also projected onto habits: the88% believes that once the emergency is over, he will continue to avoid gatherings, while 68% have rediscovered thanks to ‘restricted’ mobility neighborhood activities and signals the intention to use it more. More than how many (54%) intend to turn more, in the future, to online.

Confesercenti reports that businesses also weigh onincrease in expenses: on average, disinfection and protective devices have cost 615 euros to activity. And aid is struggling to arrive: according to a deepening of Confesercenti on its associates, among the companies that have applied for the forms of subsidized credit made available by the Liquidity Decree, the 51% reports that he has received Negative answer. Despite the difficulties, however, the companies do not leave the field: only the 2% plans to return to close quickly, while l81% will continue to keep open the business like today. But there is a 17% who are unable to bear the costs, and will reduce opening hours or days.

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