Phase 2, Iss-ministry: no critical situation





Phase 2, Iss-ministry: no critical situation

“At present, critical situations relating to the Covid-19 epidemic are not reported in Italy”. This was revealed by the monitoring of the indicators for the so-called Phase 2 in the week between 18 and 24 May, carried out by the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health.

“In the country, testing and screening policies continue to be strengthened at regional level in order to identify the largest number of cases by carrying out actions of isolation and quarantine / monitoring of close contacts (i.e. implementing the ‘test-track-trace’ strategy). Although this has increased the sensitivity of the diagnostic assessment, in almost all the Regions and Autonomous Provinces the weekly trend of new cases diagnosed by date of diagnosis / collection is decreasing and the transmissibility indices (Rt) are below 1“.

“As regards the estimate of the RT, it is emphasized that when the number of cases is very small, some Regions may temporarily have an Rt greater than 1 due to small local outbreaks that end up affecting the regional total, without this representing a worrying factor, “highlights the ISS.”Lockdown measures in Italy have actually allowed a control of Covid-19 infection on the national territory even in a context of persistent widespread transmission of the virus with a very different incidence in the 21 autonomous Regions / Provinces “.

Caution is advised especially when it increases in frequency and size the movement of people on the national territory“highlights the report of the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health.” At the moment in Italy there are no critical situations related to the Covid-19 epidemic “.

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