Phase 2, in Campania the bathing establishments reopen – Campania


                          <h2 class="news-stit">10 m2 for umbrella. Municipalities on the use of free beaches</h2>
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                      <p>Go-ahead from Saturday to the activity of the bathing establishments in Campania, in compliance with a safety protocol that provides for at least 10 square meters per umbrella and minimum 1.5 meters between deck chairs and sun loungers, except for those belonging to the same family unit. This is established by an order signed by the governor Vincenzo De Luca, which also reopens the zoos and provides for the use of free beaches after the adoption by the municipalities of rules to limit and control access.<br/>    Access to the bathing establishments must be made by booking (the names will be kept for 14 days), and users will wear a mask at the entrance and exit.<br/>    Pleasure boating is also permitted, with the use of seats reduced by 25% in the event that people of the same family do not travel on board: it is also possible to disembark on the islands by these means but only for citizens residing or domiciled in the regional territory.<br/>   </p></div>
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