Phase 2: in Bari first ‘yes’ with guests – last hour


(ANSA) – BARI, MAY 30 – Michele and Rossella are the first spouses
Bari to have sworn eternal love with the new rules
anti-covid of the Municipality of Bari that allow from today to a number
limited number of guests to attend the fateful “yes”. The rite
civil was celebrated by Mayor Decaro in City Hall 1.

After the months of lockdown, the city allowed to return to
celebrate weddings and civil unions with relatives and friends,
limiting access and imposing hand sanitation,
masks and interpersonal distance. At the wedding of Michele and
Rossella, both 25-year-old civil servants, attended
ten family members, in addition to the two witnesses. All the guests
they were sitting on alternating chairs and wearing masks,
including the spouses who took them off only at the time of the kiss
the final. “We had already arranged the wedding for today, with
rite in the Basilica of San Nicola and then party with almost 200
people – explains the groom – but that organization was
postponed to 22 May 2021 “. (


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