Phase 2, Hall against the governors who ask for caution on travel from Lombardy: “I will remember it”. Solinas: “Have the decency to keep silent, after the public aperitifs”. The transmissibility and risk indices are decisive


The government has two days to decide, based on data that will be released on May 29, if and between which Italian Regions allow movements, in view of the fateful date of 3 June from which, as stated by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, we hope to give the final green light to travel. But on this the Italian Regions are still divided and to raise the voice is the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, who in his daily video message warns the Italian governors: “I see that some presidents of the Region, for example that of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, they say they will welcome the Milanese with open arms. Others, I will not quote them, say ‘maybe if they have an immunity license’ it is better. Here I speak as a citizen, even before being a mayor. When I decide where to go for a weekend or a vacation I will remember it“. The Sardinian governor replied, Christian Solinas, among the main advocates of caution regarding the most affected Regions: “Coronavirus room should use the decency of silence, after its notorious public aperitifs in full epidemic. Nobody asked for improbable immunity licenses, but a simple certificate of negativity “.

Words behind which the fear of one is hidden Lombardy isolated even after June 3, while the rest of Italy starts traveling again: “We need and want to go to find a relative, to go to the sea or to the mountains – continues the Milanese mayor – Then we are doing our homework well home and, for example, my ordinance yesterday goes in this direction, that is to try to contain the potential spread of the Covid. We will apply what the government decides, of course, but I ask the government, in particular I asked yesterday to Minister Boccia, that they don’t tell us the day before, and it also seems natural to me, because many have to organize themselves ”.

Among the main unknowns there are above all the parameters that will be used to determine which Regions we will be able to move from the beginning of next month: “They will consider theR0 (the potential transmissibility index of the virus, ed), the number of swabs facts, people in intensive care, thing? – asks Sala – After all, I believe it is right to give this type of information, it would also be nice if they told us, then someone will decide and we will apply. But in this situation I believe that being involved in what is happening is fundamental. ”

The evaluation parameters
The reopening issue will be resolved only when it is known what the parameters and the indicators will be that the government decides to take more into consideration in choosing the strategy in view of June 3rd. As reported by the Courier service, the most attentive region remains Lombardy which, however, shows encouraging numbers. “The increase in new cases today it is moving forward in percentage terms below 1% against the peaks of 30% in March – we read – when there were up to 3,200 new cases in one day (the index dropped steadily below 10% in late March, and then to 2-3% in April) . The new hospitalizations are lower than those discharged from April 6, the same happens for intensive care “.

In his latest weekly bulletin, while invoking prudence and responsibility, the president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Silvio Brusaferro, however, sent a positive message: “Trend in sharp decline”, he said after the last one rt, L’transmissibility index of an infected person, had stood at 0.5.

But to consider are also the net risk index is the potential risk indexrespectively the “new weekly infections” and the “total number of sick people” out of 10,000 inhabitants. It is also on these parameters that the attention of the experts will focus on deciding the green light for extra-regional movements. For example, according to the latest monitoring, “Lombardy has 2.4 new infections per week for every 10,000 inhabitants. The Veneto and the Tuscany 0,4, Sardinia is Sicily 0.1. In summary, it means that, living in Lombardy, the risk of developing the disease over the course of a week is 2.4 cases for every 10,000 inhabitants “.

Absolutely, concludes the Courier servicein view of the 24,477 current patients, they are still present in Lombardy potentially infectious 24 subjects per 10 thousand inhabitants, against the Italian average of 9.2.

Divided experts: some fear for a race to reopen. Locatelli: “Lombardy and Piedmont do not alarm”
Just taking these parameters into account, the experts interviewed by the Courier service sound the alarm: “Warning, the risks of this crazy ride towards normality they are very high. If circulation starts again, the still difficult situation of some regions could extend to those with zero infections ”.

However, the President of the Superior Health Council (Css) and member of the Technical Scientific Committee for Civil Protection is not of the same opinion, Franco Locatelli, which in an interview with Messenger he said that “there are no particular alarms coming from the indicators. I hope that Piedmont and Lombardy are ready “.

To reinforce his thesis, he explains, there is also the fact that Lombardy, “between first and second evaluation, fell from” level 3 “to” level 2 “. Different considerations that will be made by the government with the presidents of the regions will also come into play. I think we can get to have an enlarged approach also in Piedmont and Lombardy. The conditions exist, but we are waiting for the data of these days “.

Divided governors: Toti (Liguria) ready to “welcome the Lombards”, Solinas (Sardinia) asks for “license of negativity”
In the last hours before the final decision by the executive, the regional presidents are pushing in different directions. For example, in the last few days, the externations of the Sardinian governor have been discussed, Christian Solinas, which asks Rome to ask for tourists arriving from outside the region a “Certificate of negativity” which, according to him, would allow to limit the influx of positive people to the island: “The infection curve has been zero for days – he said – and the only recorded cases came from outside the region. This is why we are ready, as I said, to embrace tourists, but we ask for extra caution “. A solution that the deputy minister of health, Pierpaolo Sileri, he defined “Impractical”.

Position similar to that expressed by the president of the Sicily region, In the Musumeci, who is considering “the hypothesis of a health passport” but, he says, “we will decide within the Conference of the Regions”, convened for Friday.

Among those who brake on the possibility of welcoming especially Lombards and Piedmontese there is also the mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, what a guest of Morning Five up Channel 5 said: “The moment we are unable to predict the mandatory swab for all the people who move from Lombardy and Piedmont or who go to those areas, if the data does not improve in an incredible way in the next few hours I would perhaps keep a extra caution on those two regions, in their overall interest and that of the country. ” This being the situation, the first citizen added, “I would start with mobility over almost the whole country and a little more attention on Lombardy and Piedmont. It is not one discriminatory measure, I think it’s in the general interest. We feel the need and understand the difficulties, there are many of our fellow citizens who live in Milan or Lombardy and would like to return. It is unfortunate to have to make such a decision. I would have preferred a total reopening with the obligation of swabs for those who move, it would also have been a way to do serious and precise monitoring, but it seems to me that we are not yet there with a capacity for territorial medicine of this type. This worries me also for the future “.

The governor of Piedmont, Alberto Cirio, however, does not agree with De Magistris’ interpretation: “To date, our daily monitoring does not indicate any particular critical issues, so we are confident that June 3 may be the date for the reopening of the borders, always with an eye vigilant on monitoring data. In the last two reports of the ministry Piedmont was considered a low risk, with an Rt of 0.39 with a maximum index of 1, therefore with numbers absolutely in the parameters. The basis of every decision must be the scientific one ”.

And there are those who, like the Ligurian president Giovanni Toti, however, is ready to welcome tourists from all over Italy: “In Liguria many Lombards have second homes, tourism is worth the 20% of GDP, it is impossible to talk about tourism without interregional passage “, said the governor who, however, specifies that” the decision will be up to the government “.

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