Phase 2, Greece opens to Italy but under precise conditions: tests and quarantine for those arriving from regions at risk


Greece’s decision – As of June 15, international flights will be allowed at the Greek airports of Athens and Thessaloniki, but if the plane comes from one of the “high risk” areas identified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (which for Italy are Emilia -Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto) passengers will undergo a test on arrival. If negative, the passenger will go into self-isolation for seven days. If positive, the quarantine will be 14 days.

The reactions from Italy: “We don’t accept to be considered greasers” – The Greeks “are not well informed of our health situation and we do not accept to be considered greasers”. So the regional councilor for tourism ofEmilia Romagna, Andrea Corsini, comments on the reopening of Greece upon the arrival of the Italians but with tests for residents in some regions, including Emilia-Romagna. “If to go to Greece these are the rules – he adds – it is an incentive to spend the beach holidays in Italy and our coast has been the most popular summer destination for Italians for five years”.

The reply of Luca Zaia, President of the Region, had previously been of the same opinion and of the same harshness Veneto. “To think that the cradle of the culture of antiquity was reduced to making edicts to exclude Veneto, I find it hallucinating,” the governor had replied to the Greek restrictions. “They ask me what Greek tour operators think – he adds – because it is clear that they do not see us anymore. We are not plagued, we also lack respect. Greece must remove our region from the ban, it does not exist. , Greece is in Europe (but let’s leave it alone, because we don’t know what Europe is …), but it’s also part of Schengen “, he concluded.

Minister Speranza’s reply – “There is no justification for punitive attitudes from other European countries. Our situation is higher than the average of the European countries”, said the Minister of Health on the subject Roberto Speranza, guest of Lucia Annunziata on “In half an hour more” on Rai3.

“Italy is much better than in the past few weeks. We had a difficult phase, – said the minister, – the first country hit (after China, ed). We had to make very tough decisions which were also followed by other countries. We are going through the most difficult phase but phase 2 is a phase of coexistence with the virus “.

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