Phase 2, from June 3 go-ahead for travel between regions. Central-South Governors: “Great concern”. Hope: “There is a risk”


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The difference between the territories is “undeniable” and it would be “wrong” not to admit that “There is a risk” in reopening definitive of regional borders and national from Wednesday 3 June. But the choice is weighted, because politics must “try.” handle a different phase ”in which they will be “Determinants” the personal distancing and compliance with precautions.

But “woe to sing victory and think that everything is over,” warns the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza three days from the farewell to the last restriction to the movement introduced with the lockdown. While dialogue continues with some regional governors who, especially al Center et al South, are concerned about the abolition of any prevention measure for those arriving in their territories.

In the front row, the president of Campania Vincenzo De Luca who continues to reiterate that “it is not clear what the reasons of merit that can motivate a generalized opening measure “. And shake the specter of “Various pressures and pressures”. The Sardinian wheel Christian Solinas, which however seems to desist on immunity licenses. Tuscany and Sicily also had doubts, but hoteliers and restaurants push to be soft. However, Nel Musumeci warns: “‘Safe Sicily’ is our motto. And for this it will be necessary verify the origin, the existence of any suspicious cases in the household, indicate day after day the traceability the presence of the tourist “.

And also the Lazio it could intervene with some regional dispositions. The Councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato, spoke of “Great concern” for stations and airports such as Termini, Fiumicino and Ciampino. Already in the past few days the Region had expressed fears for the general reopening, inviting to “decide on the numbers” and remembering the many high speed trains that every day connect Rome to Milan.

“There is a risk and it would be wrong not to recognize it, it is clear that we are taking a risk since the zero risk now it does not exist but we will get there only when the vaccine. Until then it has been a question of taking weighted risks and trying to manage a different phase, “explained Speranza. For zero risk, he clarified, “we should have kept an absolute lockdown for months.” An impossible limitation, why the country “would not have held up”.

A “difference over the territories is an undeniable fact”, admits the Minister of Health stressing that the North “paid the highest price”. But the ratio does not rule out the Lombardy and other Northwest regions from infraregional mobility is linked to a trends which improves in all areas of the country: “At the moment – underlined the minister – i data they tell us that it is true that they are there quantitative differences but the trend of all regions goes into right direction and it’s downhill. ”

However, he warned, “le weeks who will arrive are still with a not obvious outcome and the spacing and precautionary measures will be decisive ”. Now, Speranza added, “the country is much better, we had one very difficult phase and we were the first to make tough decisions, but the coronavirus it is not finished, it is a wave that is moving but it has not disappeared. Therefore, the rules will remain ”. And “we still need to behavior correct. ” From 4 May, he explained, the data “has progressively improved” and “despite the prudent openings and gradual, however the curve did not rise but it continued to bend on the right side. ” But “woe to sing victory and think – he concluded – that everything is over”.

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