Phase 2: De Luca, generalized opening from June 3rd is not understood – Politics


It’s controversy after the government confirmed the reopening of traffic between regions for June 3. To go on the attack is the governor of Campania who has always promoted a closure of his region to avoid contagion. “You really don’t understand – attacks De Luca – what are the merit reasons that can motivate a general opening measure and the non-limitation of mobility not even for the provinces still heavily affected by the infection“.

“We will adopt – he warns – without hysteria and in a responsible way, together with the security protocols already in force – he announces – rapid checks and tests with increased attention to prevent as far as possible the emergence of new epidemic outbreaks in our region “.

“We learn – De Luca underlines – that we are starting from next week to resume generalized mobility between the regions. Campania has always been committed to the protection of national unity. We have reconfirmed our unconditional solidarity with our fellow citizens in Lombardy, and to President Fontana with respect to aggressions that have nothing to do with a political and civil merit debate. We have not forgotten, even for a moment, the huge tragedy that has affected many Lombard territories and many families“.


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