Phase 2, confirmed June 3 also for opening national borders to EU countries


During the government meeting just ended at the Palazzo Chigi The date of June 3 was also confirmed for the opening of national borders to European countries. For non-EU countries, that of 15 June remains confirmed for the time being.


Coronavirus, monitoring data for reopening: “Rt index under control, no critical situation”

“There is currently no critical situation in Italy relating to the Covid-19 epidemic.” The data from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità push towards the complete reopening of the country: on 3 June the travel bans will fall and it will be possible to move freely throughout Italy, after almost three months.


Lombardy, gyms, swimming pools, cultural and recreational clubs reopen. The Region: “The obligation of masks remains”

Confirmation comes from the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza at the end of the summit convened by the premier Giuseppe Conte with the majority delegation heads.

From 3 June infraregional travel

“The current law decree provides for the resumption of intra-regional movements from June 3 and at the moment there are no reasons to review the planned reopening of the movements” he underlines, however, that the trend of the curve will continue to be monitored between now and Tuesday.


Travel, it is a clash between the Regions. Here are the positions of the governors

Scientists warn: the incidence of cases “is very heterogeneous” on the national territory, there are Regions with a very large number and others with low contagion; this is why, when “the frequency and extent” of circulation in the country increases, it will be necessary to be very careful and be ready to isolate any new outbreaks.

“The monitoring data are encouraging. The important sacrifices of the lockdown have produced these results. We must continue on the road we have gradually taken,” Minister Speranza explained before the summit with Conte.

To the heads of delegation of the majority, to ministers Francesco Bowl, Luciana Lamorgese and Luigi Di Maio and to Undersecretary Roberto Fraccaro, illustrated the trend of the curve and the monitoring relating to the week from 18 to 24 May, which coincided with the reopening of bars, restaurants, shops and, also, with the first ‘gatherings’ in the nightlife squares.

The Minister of Regions Francesco Boccia he has been hearing the governors individually for days on Phase 2 and on the reopening of the regional borders, and he will continue to hear the regional presidents in the next few days, but no convocation of the control room is currently planned.

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