Phase 2, Confindustria: “700 thousand to one million jobs at risk”


“We have the opportunity to change the country: simplify” – “The jobs – clarified the number one of Viale dell’Astronomia – are created if there are growth and investments”. And speaking at the meeting “There was a turning point” organized by the Fiera Milano Foundation, he said: “We have a great opportunity to design a new Italy and to truly modernize the country. I am firmly convinced that at this tragic moment we can change Italy. We can implement simplifications to change the country’s structure, making it more modern and dynamic. To do this there are fundamental issues that need to be addressed. We have a great opportunity and I would be really disappointed that the country wastes this opportunity. ”

“Immediately a public-private table to grow together” – Bonomi then called for “a public-private table to be brought together as soon as possible to bring together the best energies of the country”. Otherwise, he warned, “this country will have a decline that will not even be slow.” According to Bonomi “the public and the private sector must reason together because the companies alone cannot solve the problems. Where there are very strong private and public investments, the GDP grows positively. In 2015-17 we had started a series of investments very strong thanks to the 4.0 plan which was then dismantled by the government “. And again: “Before the pandemic we were discussing how to combine economy and ecology. Now the theme has almost disappeared and yet it is our future. And it was a theme on which Italian companies were going very far”

“The institutional framework leaves me perplexed” – The leader of Confindustria described “an institutional framework that leaves me perplexed as a citizen”, with Regions and Municipalities at odds with each other. And speaking of the anti-Lombardy sentiment in these weeks of health emergency, he explained: “All of us were not prepared to face such an emergency. But in an emergency a people are together, they help each other, especially the institutions. to citizens frightened and bereaved in the family, perhaps we should all have had another type of attitude. ”

“Clarify the timing of the restart” – Bonomi then invited the government to say when it will be possible to restart and explained: “We do not yet know when the fairs will reopen. The government has not told us about a date from which it can be reopened. We all hope for September but we still do not know officially But what is not clear is that if we do not reopen we will burn turnover and business markets for 2021. So we must understand what the fair system means and we must all be together. Fairs are an instrument of industrial policy and therefore o together we find the conditions to stay on the market or else we will fail and we will remain the country of the many bell towers “.

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