Phase 2, Brusaferro: “The second wave of the coronavirus? A given target”


While the government is deciding on mobility between regions in these hours, it is already certain that from next Wednesday, June 3, Italian borders will reopen to citizens of the countries of the European Union. But the president of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, warns: “The reopenings? They will be the most important challenge”.
The reason? “For the scenarios that we imagine, in autumn, a pathology such as Sars-cov-2 can be more widespread and confused with other respiratory symptoms” and “the famous second wave hypothesis is connected to this, which, from a technical scientific point of view it is a given objective “. Therefore, “with the arrival of autumn” there is a probable possibility of a greater spread “of the coronavirus.


From 3 June Italy reopens its borders. Yes to arrivals from the EU without quarantine

The president of the ISS intervened during the hearing in the Chamber, in the Budget Committee, on the relaunch decree. “The virus is still present – he stressed – and individual behavior is the most effective measure to reduce its circulation. This is important because the number of people who came into contact with the virus is limited, even if it varies from region to region”. And the “many people who did not come into contact, and therefore susceptible to the virus, are a reservoir for its spread”.For this reason, “next week – explained Brusaferro – we are facing a challenge that will be even more important because the mobility between regions and also the international one will be liberalized. This will require an even more careful ability to monitor and respond to outbreaks”.
Therefore, the goal is to “check for outbreaks” and to be able to “take measures that exceed regional dimensions”.


Travel, it is a clash between the Regions. Here are the positions of the governors

Brusaferro in his speech never mentioned the issue of the health passport, requested by the governor of Sardinia, Solinas, to those who come from the North and on which, however, the Minister for Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia, he immediately clarified: “It is against the Constitution”.

However, the ISS president spoke of the need for controls. “We have overcome – he said to the Chamber – the peak curve of the infection and we are on the descent. But we must have the ability to identify and diagnose suspected cases early and promptly, where there are to isolate them and to adopt controls”.



Reopening of the Regions. No to the health passport, but stricter checks

In the weeks leading up to Phase 2, when Italy was still in the lockdown period for Covid-19, the government had talked about the use of Immuni, the tracking app that would allow monitoring the contacts of coronavirus positives. But despite the fact that a few weeks have passed since the restart, the app is still not usable. For Brusaferro, however, this technology that can be used on mobile phones would be useful “in order to track contacts early”, but would not represent “the magic solution”.

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