Permits first, only after checks: here is the amnesty for migrants wanted by the government


“Do not call it amnesty” is the motto of the majority of the last few days in reference to what, according to the government, it would be more appropriate to identify as “simple” regularization provisional for a category of irregular migrants.

In fact, however, it is a full-fledged amnesty. And this impression has also been confirmed by implementing decree published in the official on Friday. First, the go-ahead to obtain a regular stay, only after room for checks: this is the criterion of the now enforceable rule and which from Monday will precisely allow the sanitization of the position of thousands of illegal immigrants.

According to the government estimate, about 220,000 could be the people who could take advantage of the rule wanted above all by Italia Viva and by the minister, expression of Renzi’s party, Teresa Bellanova. A political battle that the Renzians precisely headed to the nose, even going to threaten resignation or government crisis in case of failure to fulfill requests.

Specifically, the employers or directly the workers concerned will be able to request the regularization of the working position. As mentioned above, this procedure will start from next Monday and until July 15th. The operation could cost the employer up to 500 Euros, while if everything were to be done directly by the worker then at most the payment to be made would reach 160 Euros.

This is why the most common belief, as Alessandro Ventura, a researcher of the National Accountants Foundation and interviewed by Giorgia Piacione on The truthhowever, most applications will be submitted directly by the workers concerned. Once you have applied, you will automatically obtain a residence permit for at least six months. Therefore, you will have the title to stay in Italy and to freely travel within the EU territory.

In a nutshell, despite not having requirements or qualifications, with the application for regularization of the job position presented by the employer or worker you can stay and have the requirements to stay for six months within the community area. That’s why the government’s one closely resembles an amnesty.

Controls will only fire afterwards. Nothing has been specified in the implementing decree, from the majority of environments reference is made to generic checks that will in any case take place at a later time after obtaining the requirements to stay in our country.

The only stakes concern the categories that can present the application and the time requirements concerning the interested parties. On the first front, regularization may be required for those who work as agricultural laborers or for those who are within the scope of domestic work. So, so to speak, the rule is addressed to laborers, housekeeper is caregivers. But not only: in the implementing decree, the Ateco codes of categories concerning the agri-food supply chain.

If the employer submits the application, it is possible to remedy the position of those who were in Italy before March 8. Nothing to do instead for those who arrived at a later time. To demonstrate that a subject was in our country before the date indicated above, it is possible to present photodactyloscopic findings, or from a declaration on the territory made before March 8, for reasons of study, competitions or tourism.

If, on the other hand, the application is submitted directly by the worker, the requirement is that the latter has a residence permit that expired on 31 October 2019.

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