Pensions, all (possible) deductions in June


Those who have had the opportunity to withdraw their pension from the post office these days (following the new payment schedule for pensions) may have had an unpleasant surprise. In fact, very likely that the rate of June is lower than that of the other months, even several tens of euros.

To find out why the June check could be lower than the other months just read the June 2020 pension slip, which INPS has published on its intranet in the past few days. Here, as already announced by the same Social Security Institute, it will be possible to discover all of them the voices that make up your pension: gross check, withholding tax and credited. In short, exactly as happens with the paycheck that you receive each month from your employer (for employees, of course), the pension slip gives you the opportunity to know everything about your monthly pension.

June 2020 pension slip: tax liabilities

As also explained by the Social Security Institute on the official portal, the main reason for the deviations from the June accrual should depend on the tax payables of pensioners. In fact, in June, any tax adjustments deriving from the recalculation of the tax base of the services provided in the previous year begin to be charged. In the event that a “tax debt” should result, the tax authorities will deduct that sum from the amount of the June pension.

For retirees with a total gross annual amount of less than 18 thousand euros and with a tax liability of more than 100 euros, the deductions will be divided into six equal monthly installments. With a debt of 120 euros, for example, the retiree will be subject to a deduction of 20 euros per month for the six subsequent installments.

Retirement June 2020: IRPEF and additional deductions

Tax debts may not be the only items that negatively impact the June 2020 pension allowance. Higher personal income tax may also appear among the deductions, due precisely to the recalculation of the taxable amount of the previous year.

The pension tax rates are five (below 15,000 euros, between 15,001 and 28,000 euros, between 28,001 and 55,000 euros, between 55,001 and 75,000 euros, above 75,000 euros) and, if the tax base should increase, obviously, personal income tax will also grow and be withheld.

Finally, in June, the fees are charged various installments of the regional additional (advance and balance) and municipal. Which, as it is easy to deduce, could vary based on the pensioner’s tax base.

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