PC June 2020, the best games of the month


Valorant, Samurai Shodown, Desperados III and Disintegration are some of the best games coming out on PC during June 2020

Between shooter, strategy and white weapon fighting, the month of June 2020 bring up PC some games really interesting. Starting from Valorant, the new title of Riot Games, which tries to put together fire fights, heroes with special powers and strategic mechanics to offer an original and exciting free-to-play experience.

Remaining on the shooter theme, Disintegration, the ambitious project created by Marcus Lehto that projects us into a future full of conflict and technology, also arrives this month. The list of releases is completed by the Samurai Shodown fighting game, finally making its PC debut, and by the strategic Desperados III.


All information about the game
Outgoing on June 2

Made by Riot Games, the authors of League of Legends, Valorant is an interesting mix of tactical shooter and hero shooter free-to-play, which combines special powers and strategy to deliver fresh and fun gameplay, with particular attention to the network infrastructure to guarantee all users minimal latency, high level performance and a reliable anti-heat system.

The game, inspired by the mechanics of the classic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, puts two teams facing each other in the context of matches that develop over a large number of rounds, characterized by hardcore elements such as the lack of respawn and the inability to recover health except in some cases.

Samurai Shodown

All information about the game
Outgoing theJune 11th

Available free during the first week on the Epic Games Store, Samurai Shodown arrives on PC exactly one year after the release on console, and it does so by bringing with it the charm of a brand that in the 90s revolutionized the scene of fighting games with thanks the introduction of weapons and an unprecedented setting, that of feudal Japan and its unbeatable samurai.

While not particularly rich in terms of content, this new chapter manages to offer a gameplay solid and engaging, which in many respects goes back to the roots of the series and provides us with a repertoire of devastating moves, some of which can overturn the fate of the clash where used at the right time.

Desperados III

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Outgoing on June 16

The famous strategic series set in the wild west makes its return with Desperados III. Developed by the authors of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, the game puts us in command of a team made up of five decidedly out of the line characters, who find themselves collaborating in order to defeat a dangerous opponent together.

The key to success in Desperados III is to best combine them skills of each fighter to get the most out of their attack maneuvers and defeat the enemy units, as part of a full-bodied and engaging campaign, which will see us explore various scenarios between Mexico and the United States in the late 1800s.


All information about the game
Outgoing on June 16

Debut title of V1 Interactive, the development team founded by the creator of Halo, Disintegration is a shooter set in the future in which two factions fight each other without excluding shots: on the one hand there are those who believe that the integration between humans and robots is a real possibility for the survival of the species, on the other those who they do not accept a similar perspective.

In addition to a promising single player campaign, Disintegration also offers three different ones modality competitive multiplayer, with stipulations based on territorial control, the collection of objects and the elimination of opponents. All with one peculiarity: the players will find themselves fighting in flying vehicles.

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