Pay two months of uneaten lunches at the bar forced to close


SAN DONÀ – A unexpected gift and very welcome. It is the one received in San Donà in recent days by the owner of a bistro in the center, who prefers to remain anonymous so as not to “advertise” for this affair.The doors of his room were closed closed on 11 March, following one of the first ordinances on confinement, and they reopened on May 18. The day before yesterday, a regular customer showed up in the bar-restaurant to have a lunch, as she used to do before the health emergency broke out.

And when he paid, he left the owner stunned, giving her the consideration of two months of meals not consumed, those that the client had inevitably had to skip due to the closure of the restaurant. An unexpected, selfless, motivating gesture. A form of gratitude that, beyond the sum, gives confidence to those who are behind the counter. “The client works nearby – explains the young woman who runs the business – and hasn’t been coming to lunch since she started working from home. The other day she sat on “her” table, the one she usually chooses. We have talked for a while about these months in which we haven’t seen each other and about the moods experienced during the spread of the infection. At the time of paying he explained that he had continued to work during this period and told me that, if it had not been for the mandatory closing, he would always have lunch here. Finally he said: “I made an approximate calculation of what I would have spent in two months and I decided to give it to you today” ».

So the generous customer handed over about 500 euros in cash to the manager of the restaurant, amazed. “I was moved – continues the young owner -: it is a gesture that somehow repays me for so many efforts. With customers I have always tried to establish a welcoming atmosphere and a family relationship, made of attention for people. For regular visitors, each receipt does not include the table number but in the “order” there is the name of the person sitting at the table. With many I have established a relationship that goes beyond service, a true bond and in recent months we have kept in touch via social media. We celebrated someone’s birthday remotely, with wishes and a photo of the cake. It was also nice to exchange a simple “how are you?” or a video call that allows you to feel closer in a moment of difficulty. Restarting is difficult, no matter how hard you try, after having been closed for a long time. Also in this phase I have adopted a reduced timetable. Sometimes you don’t reopen to make money right away, but because you think of a long-term project ». Because managing a place is also this: the door reopens to welcome customers, give smiles, share emotions. And create bonds that allow you to tell stories like this. Last updated: 08:22


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