Pavan against Lotito: “It is not clear who has it, better silence …” – All Juve


  1. Pavan against Lotito: “It has not been understood who has it, better the silence …” All Juve
  2. Lotito on Juve-Inter: “You saw that game”. An investigation is open – Sportmediaset Sport Mediaset
  3. He said: “Juventus-Inter? Oh well, you’ve all seen it.” Now Lotito is at risk of being referred to La Gazzetta dello Sport
  4. Allusions on Juve-Inter, Lotito risks the referral Calcio e Finanza
  5. SOTTOBOSCO – The “cool” of the century of Gravina: there is the risk of falling into ridicule. The assist of … All Juve
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