Patuanelli: ‘Steel needs commercial protection’ – Economy


“The step of accompanying with state aid the private player is mandatory“. So the Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli during report to the Chamber on the steel sector currently underway. Patuanelli stressed the difficulties for the private individual to “find the balance” between production, environmental protection and health.

ArcelorMittal’s industrial plan for Ilva’s relaunch “will be presented by Friday 5 June,” said the minister, referring to what was stated yesterday by .’a.d. Lucia Morselli at the ilva table. “I expect a serious, ambitious, far-sighted industrial plan that is not defensive and conservative and above all that does not call into question the outcome of the complex negotiations that culminated in the agreement of March 4”.

“The national steel production of the month of March decreased by 40% on an annual basis, recording a markedly greater drop than that of European competitors”, said Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli stressing that in the same period the production of Germany is decreased by 21%, by France by 13%, and by Spain by 15%. World steel production fell by 6%.

Action must be taken to “support the Italian steel industry and the steel market throughout its supply chain,” Minister Patuanelli said in the Chamber, calling for “commercial protection systems” to counter the “dumping” of Asian countries, but also of Turkey. For “this commercial protection we must intervene as a country but above all on a European basis”. “All this – he added – must be included in a strategic plan for the steel industry”


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