Patrizia Baffi: “Renzi asked me to leave, but I’m staying. I work in an RSA, I know what I’m talking about”


That assignment does not intend to give it up. Patrizia Baffi, newly elected president of the Lombard Commission of Inquiry on Covid-19, also wants to resist the call from Matteo Renzi, who asked her to withdraw after the uprising of Pd and M5S against her appointment, decided with a forcing by the majority, a protest that went so far as to abandon the work of the Commission. “I want to convince Pd and M5s to participate in the works. It is the first commission of inquiry across Europe on the coronavirus, “he explains in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

“Matteo Renzi also called me asking me to think again. But I believe too much in this Commission: it is the opportunity to make a diagnosis of things that have not gone and to find a cure for Lombard health “.

Baffi clarifies that “there have been no political tricks, no tactics” and that he feels “conscience in place”. Renzi told her that “the Democratic Party is exploiting this story and that my election put us in trouble. He asked me to think about it. ” But “the institutional role always comes first. I have nothing to do with this world here. Why should I bow to these palace games? “.

“I am from Codogno and I work in an RSA. I know what I’m talking about: the residences have been left to themselves, without security devices or protocols. And I opposed that resolution, also presenting several amendments. But with intellectual honesty it must be said that it was not that provision that caused all those deaths “.

There is a photo on Facebook that portrays it with Fontana and the writing “We trust you”. Baffi replies that “the photo is of two years ago, when the governor came to Lodi for a gastronomic review. I picked it up at the beginning of the pandemic by attaching that sentence. But it was the next day when Renzi himself wrote to Fontana expressing solidarity and “making himself available”.

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