Patrizia Baffi (Italia Viva) investigating Coronavirus in Lombardy: Pd-M5S protest


The two votes, the controversy and the suspect. It is the first afternoon when Renziana Patrizia Baffi is elected president of the regional commission of inquiry into the coronavirus in Lombardy, supported by the votes of the center-right. The presidency of the Commission – following the council regulation – belongs to the opposition that had indicated the dem Jacopo Scandella, beaten by Baffi by 46 votes to 28. A few hours earlier in Rome Italy alive had marched on the vote of the junta for immunities in the Senate towards Matteo Salvini. And the junta rejected the request to send the League leader to trial. The Lombard vote infuriated the Democratic Party and the M5S, which asked Baffi to resign and abandoned the works.

“But what is Italy still doing in government? It seems clear to me that here in Lombardy I have chosen to stay with the center-right »says pentastellato Dario Violi furiously. What then in a video on Facebook argues: “This morning Italy saves Salvini and this afternoon the League indicates as president of a commission a candidate who is not an expression of the minority and does not even take a vote from the minority”. Also the Democratic Party on the same line. “Today we are leaving the courtroom and at this point it is necessary to take to the streets because in addition to the arrogance of errors there is the fear of discovering the serious political responsibilities of Attilio Fontana on this matter”. This was stated by Pietro Bussolati, regional councilor of the Democratic Party in Lombardy and member of the national secretariat of dem.

The Renzians in turn fight back. “We do not need armchairs” Patrizia Baffi would be an excellent President of the Commission of Inquiry on Lombard health, both in terms of competence and personal history – so on her page Faceboook Ettore Rosato, from Italia Viva. – The shameful exploitation of the story by the Democratic Party, however, imposes clear choices, as we know how to do. We invite Patrizia to resign. We don’t need armchairs, let’s leave them to the Democratic Party ».

Meanwhile, the resumption of work in the classroom, the M5S directors they displayed signs asking for the resignation of the councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera, present in the classroom sitting at the council benches: «since Gallera taught us that it takes two infected to infect a third we prepared two letters of resignation to ensure the health of Lombardi which is now not guaranteed ».

The controversy, however, threatens to cross the Lombard borders.

May 26, 2020 (change May 26, 2020 | 5:24 pm)


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