patient found positive in Rome comes from Lombardy


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A woman found positive in Rome it comes from Milan. According to the information learned, the patient manifested the symptoms of the disease in the capital, where she is on business. Suspecting that she had come into contact with the virus, she underwent the tests that gave a positive result. Now the woman is in home isolation, where she will have to stay until the end of the recovery, and until her tampons are negative. At the moment the woman has shown mild symptoms of the disease and for now her health conditions are not of particular concern.

Displacements between regions: hypothesis controls and quarantine

From next June 3 will be possible to move between regions again. So the government decided: yes to the entry and exit of people from one region to another, it also applies to Lombardy and Piedmont. “In Rome city the lowest figure since the beginning of the emergency is recorded, with two new cases but one of these one is a woman residing in Milan – this is the comment of the Councilor for Health Alessio D’Amato – The need is to continue to defend Rome. “D’Amato, skeptical about the opportunity to reopen Lombardy, threatened to ask travelers arriving from that region to remain in quarantine for fourteen days when they arrive in the city.

From June 3 Italian borders open to European countries

In addition to the start of travel between regions, June 3 will also be the fateful date of the opening of Italian borders to travelers from European countries, with the exception of France and Germany (from June 15). To worry the governor of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti, in fact, is not so much the Italian infections, as the numbers recorded in the rest of Europe. Zingaretti is convinced that “attention must be paid to tracking and the reopening of the Schengen area must be monitored”.

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