Pastore: “Rome is at a loss, it has to sell. I would stay but …” – La Gazzetta dello Sport


On Instagram the Argentine uncertain about his future: “It would be nice to go back to Argentina, but in Italy I’m doing great. The important thing is not to have other injuries”

It is not like the story of the child who says: “The king is naked”, but the candor with which Pastore explains how Roma will have to sell players, a little bit sad. “Now I think of ending this championship and being able to achieve the club’s goals – he says in a direct Instagram with” Telefenoticias “-. This is the most important thing, because the club has suffered a lot with this situation, but like many other clubs. Rome is a business and needs money because it is at a loss. The club is not having a good time, it has very important losses. So we all don’t know what will happen. When the season ends, the club will have to come back positive, and to do so it will have to sell players or buy younger players who earn less. We are waiting. I have a three year contract, I would really like to end it. I feel very good, I really like the city, the country enchants me. My family and I are very happy. I am also well in the club, luckily Fonseca believes in me a lot, I always played him when I was well. I would like to stay, a lot of news comes out and I don’t know why. I am always close to moving to China, Japan, Argentina or England, every day I have a new club. But the truth is that I have not spoken to anyone, not even to my club that has not given me any information on any offer to leave. ”


And to those who ask him if he can return to Argentina, he says: “Only time will tell. I hope that in these years of contract that I have here I can pass them physically well without injuries in order to remain at a good level. If I go back to Argentina, I want to be well and not suffer the championship. I’d like to come back, but the important thing is that I’m fine and can play. Otherwise I don’t know, this decision is very difficult. I would like to go back to Talleres or Huracan, because they are two clubs that formed me and gave me the opportunity to be here where I am. This is something I always have in my head. But I hope to be well physically in these next few years, I hope I have no major injury that can shorten my career. If possible, I would go back, I would like to retire to Argentina with my people, my family and friends who can see me playing on the field. I’d like to, because the adventure at Talleres was very short with a few games and the same was at Huracan. It only lasted six months, but they were divine. “

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