parliamentary inquiry into dinners with Pignatone and the PD “miraculously unscathed” – Libero Quotidiano


Luca Palamara is only the tip of the iceberg of a system in which a minority of magistrates dictates the law “. He is convinced of this Maurizio Gasparri, who is ready to represent in Parliament the need for a “commission of inquiry into the judiciary and its interference with political life and the lack of transparency in the choices and procedures followed by the CSM”. For the senator of Forza Italia, the scant relief that wiretapping is having from the media point of view is “sensational”, yet there are many dark points that are emerging.

“Let’s read for example – continues Gasparri – the activism of the then Rome prosecutor Pignatone. Always present and attentive in these interceptions in evaluating and judging designations and appointments. In these hours we also read about dinners in which Pignatone accompanied himself with people he would have been better off not attending because they were involved in judgments relating to investigations carried out by the same prosecutor. But have those who brandished the concept of conflict of interest ever applied it to themselves? “.

Furthermore, Gasparri argues that the parliamentary inquiry must focus above all on “the Rome prosecutor’s office and on the persecutions he has suffered in the past. Silvio Berlusconi. In Rome the Democratic Party is miraculously unscathed by serious consequences. Both in the past and in the present. After all, when we read the relations between Palamara and Zingaretti with greetings and congratulations by telephone, we understand many things. Parliament must investigate this – said the vice-president of the Senate – and whoever opposes it will perform an illegal act against which I will fight in all the venues. They will have neither discounts nor respite. ”

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