Pappalardo, from general of the carabinieri to the orange vests


He was a carabiniere, trade unionist, general, parliamentarian, undersecretary, multiple candidate on his own in the elections, head of the population with the Forconi movement, the Tir revolt and today the orange vests. Palermitano, 73 years old, Antonio Pappalardo – brigadier general on leave from the Arma, where his father brigadier had also served – passed from the institutions to the street protest, leader against the government in turn riding the popular malaise, with themes such as defense of the lira. Today the last step, taking advantage of the crisis derived from the coronavirus, in the vortex of the demonstrations convened today in about thirty Italian cities, and in the background the national demonstration of 2 June in Piazza del Popolo in Rome. In 1981, as lieutenant colonel, he joined Cocer, the ‘union of the Armed Forces of which he became president in 1991. The following year he was already in Parliament, elected as independent in the House in the rank of the Social Democratic Party in the last elections before Tangentopoli . He also founded his own political movement, Democratic Solidarity, with which he ran as mayor of Pomezia in March 1993: with 3,044 preferences he finished fourth. Two months later, in May, he entered the first Ciampi government as Undersecretary for Finance, but he was barely 15 days away due to an eight-month sentence by the military court for a defamation against the Commander-in-Chief of the Army.Pappalardo does not give up and runs as mayor of Rome in the elections that in December 1993 will bring Francesco Rutelli to the Capitol after the ballot with Gianfranco Fini: Pappalardo with Solidarity and Democracy comes seventh with 9,527 votes. We try again at the 1994 European Championships, but the result is equally disappointing. Closed his career in the weapon, in 2006 he returned to the newspapers as leader of the pitchforks and, five years later, he was one of the architects of the revolt of the trucks that paralyzes the long-distance Italian roads. Pappalardo is unstoppable in his activism: he founds the European Popular movement, returns to the PSDI, runs for mayor of Palermo in 2011 with the Mediterranean Pomegranate, but the list is excluded from the race. In 2016 he founded the Liberation Movement Italy, with which he led a march in Rome in 2017 to demand the dissolution of Parliament deemed “abusive”: the expulsion of Alessandro Di Battista who stirred up the protesters remains in the chronicles. The program of the Movement plans to restore power to the sovereign people, with politics and “its workers” in the sights. Last year Pappalardo returned to the square for the Apulian olive growers affected by the Xilella. After a indictment for offense to the honor of the President of the Republic Mattarella, the last creature, the foundation of the orange vests, with evident reference to the French yellow vests, and the protest today in Milan. The last electoral race also arrives, in Umbria, but Pappalardo president collects just 587 votes.
And after the demonstration in Piazza Duomo with relative threat of denunciation for violation of the assembly ban and the obligation of masks Pappalardo launches the latest invectives: “I denounced? But by whom? From those who are not even constitutional? And where is it the crime? The situation is reversed, it is the government that is responsible for very serious crimes, other than masks … “. The leader is furious: “I have been to Bergamo and Lombardy and what I have found is truly shameful. The people who begged me ‘General, free us, they are making us live with the stocks, we can no longer live in these conditions They denounce me? It is I who denounce them .. “In a note then issued the leader of the so-called orange vests explains that he also wants to denounce Sala and Fontana asking the three political exponents” to resign from their positions by June 2, the day in at which the people will gather in Rome to restore freedom and democracy in our country. “For Pappalardo in today’s demonstration, citizens have unanimously decreed” the end of the government “for blatant violation of constitutional norms” and the need for ” to approve a new electoral law and to print the national currency “.

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