Paolo Fox horoscope today Thursday 28 May 2020


Paolo Fox’s horoscope forecasts for today Thursday 28 May: what do the stars say about love, health and work? Let’s find out today’s Paolo Fox’s horoscope

What will the stars reserve for the last 4 signs of the zodiac? What will this Thursday be like for Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces? The predictions of the famous astrologer reveal it to us Paolo Fox.

Peace of mind for the Sagittarius. Some setbacks for the Capricorn. Promising Thursday for theaquarium. Nervousness for i Fishes. But that is not all! Let’s see in detail the other news for today Thursday 28 May 2020 of these signs ..

Sagittarius horoscope Thursday May 28, 2020

Day of calm and relaxation, dear friends of Sagittarius. You have understood that virtue lies in the middle and therefore you will succeed move with the right steps. But don’t lie down too much … why love will ask you for a lot of passion and complicity…. And if you want to be successful you have to take the first step.

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Capricorn horoscope Thursday May 28, 2020

Days with tight and very pressing rhythms await you, so pay attention to the skirmishes … Be patient because fortunately it is only a few days that will keep you awake and active for solve old questions leave it pending that they will give you the right charge to think about important new projects.

Aquarius horoscope Thursday May 28, 2020

Great expectations for love stories just born that are slowly involving you but that are laying excellent foundations and that will give you a decisive push to get important ones off the ground work projects set aside for some time. It is now time to look to the horizon with new and confident eyes!

Pisces horoscope Thursday 28 May 2020

Venus and Mars have lined up to spite you a little bit in all fields and unfortunately you will give in to nervousness, especially in the family where for some time now things have not gone the right way …. Tension also in the workplace, where you will be tempted to remove many pebbles from your shoes, but be patient, since the moment is not yet propitious.

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