Paola Barale makes an unexpected confession: “I’m suffering a lot”


Written by Marianna Amato, on May 27, 2020, in TV Characters

Paola Barale makes an unexpected confession on social media: “I’m suffering a lot”

Paola Barale not long ago she returned to talk about her past and her (now finished) marriage with Gianni Sperti, columnist for men and women. The showgirl has always told herself without filters and some time ago she spoke of the farewell right at thecolumnist for men and women Gianni Sperti. A relationship born behind the scenes of a program that he conducted years ago with Maurizio Costanzo and ended after a few years. therefore Paola Barale today it is more than half a century but he knows how to wear them so well that nobody would ever guess his exact age. Just today he held a direct on his Instagram profile with Dr. Camilla D’Antonio who gave numerous beautiful tips for our skin (will this be the beauty secret of the Barale?). The beautiful blonde presenter, however, at the end of the live broadcast with her now friend Camilla D’Antonio made a rather sad confession to her followers. “I am suffering a lot”Were the words announced.

Paola Barale is working on a new project, will we see her again soon on television?

Paola Barale (which a few days ago he made a sensational gaffe) is back today on her Instagram profile to keep a very interesting direct with the ‘doctor of the skin’ Camilla D’Antonio who has given us really many goodies to better prepare our skin for the summer, the sun, the sea and tan. “We hope to arrive quickly, we hope to have a nice summerHe confessed Paola Barale impatient to go to the beach and be on vacation .. also because the presenter, perhaps without realizing it, confessed that she was working on a new project. “I was out on business, I’m preparing a very nice thing” He admitted Paola Barale without adding anything else. So he left us with the benefit of the doubt.

Paola Barale live on social networks confesses: “I don’t see myself very well”

What is the problem that is making you suffer a lot Paola Barale (who, among other things, did one confession about his career) in the latter period? She revealed it herself: “In this period I also suffer a lot of allergyHe confided Paola Barale to Dr. Camilla D’Antonio who was giving her valuable advice and suggestions on how to treat skin in this strange period and continued: “The eyes, the eye area are very affected. Even now I always have red eyes“. Then a little worried about it, she admitted that she didn’t see herself very well because she swelled a lot.

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