Pandemic, 28 days have passed in Trapani without new infections


A period of 28 days, equal to two incubation cycles, without any case of contagion being recorded. A lot of them are needed by the World Health Organization to declare a pandemic ended. And many have passed since the latest case was recorded in Trapani. That becomes so the first Italian province where the pandemic ended.

Excellent and certainly expected news. Certainly not the only one, if you think that in Crotone there are 27 days without infection, and therefore here too we are one step away from the end of the pandemic, or that there has not even been an infection in all of Calabria for 4 days, while in Sardinia 3 have passed since the last positive buffer.

The fact remains that in Northern Italy contagi (only today 47 in the province of Turin, 38 in Milan) and that even a single positive is enough for the countdown to start again. Without forgetting that the data on the infections, provided by the Civil Protection, concern people subjected to swabs. Cases on untested asymptomatic subjects, which could therefore change the numbers on the map, are not included in the calculation.

In short, if today’s news remains positive, the road to say goodbye to Covid-19 is still very long.

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