Panathinaikos threatens to exit EuroLeague


In its “Slam Dunk” section, the site reports some background from the meeting between the 11 Euroleague shareholder clubs and the organization run by Jordi Bertomeu.

The CEO, by starting the meeting with the personal consideration that everything was to be suspended, actually eased the tension. But Panathinaikos then expressed his opinion on other issues, through the mouth of the patron Dimitris Giannakopoulos:

«Mr. Bertomeu, in the past three months you have been negotiating with the players on the size of their contracts. 65% of the season was played but she granted 80% of wages. Instead of talking to sponsors, to find out what they could have given in the event of a restart, he only spoke to the players. Is it normal not to confront clubs about their financial resources first? We want to talk about next season’s revenue first, because we haven’t heard of this yet. ”

Evidently, Jordi Bertomeu did not provide the adequate answer for Giannakopoulos, who then dropped the bomb:

“If we don’t talk about the revenue that will guarantee next season, we don’t know if we will stay in EuroLeague”.

Hence a clash with Barcelona, ​​which would have recommended unity. Giannakopoulos would have replied: “Easy to shovel for you, who have the football division behind you that feeds you.”

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