Pallotta waits, but Friedkin thinks about the opportunity


I don’t know if the negotiation for the purchase of Rome between James Pallotta and Dan Friedkin has ended, surely the coronavirus has not helped. This is little but sure“. And yes, that’s right. The president of CONI Giovanni remembered it yesterday Malagò, who spoke on Radio Incontro Olympia.

But above all they remember it, Pallotta and Friedkin themselves, writes Andrea Pugliese on The Gazzetta dello Sport. Pallotta, probably, because he has seen – at least for now – a sale that seemed to be made to disappear; is Friedkin because as busy as he is in the United States to give his economic assets a fair size, he still wants to wait to understand whether to sink the blow or not.

There will be more to wait, then. And the basic dates are those of June: the 29th (convening of the Rome shareholders’ meeting) and the following day, the 30th, with the closure of the budget probably the most suffered in the history of Rome. At that point, then, the Texan tycoon will have clear ideas about everything.

Meanwhile, the Coo (Chief Operating Officer) Francesco Bald he clarified to the Iquii agency: “The pandemic was a great challenge. We had to focus on calculating the impact of Covid-19 on Rome and it was painful. We took advantage of the lockdown to reorganize the work model, next season, the future and to identify priorities “.

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