Palermo, the outburst of Di Piazza: “They prevented me from doing my role, I give up the odds. Here is the truth”


Tony Di Piazza leaves the position of vice president of Palermo.

After the joy of confirming the promotion in Series C, the rosanero fans were struck by an unexpected news that inevitably upset the environment: today the management has in fact communicated that it has accepted the resignation of vice president Tony Di Piazza.

Palermo, CDA closed: Di Piazza resigns as vice president, the club’s statement

Subsequently, the Italian-American entrepreneur explained, through a post on his Facebook profile, the reasons for his decision, stating that he had not had the opportunity to carry out his task in full due to internal pressure and little consideration, and explaining the his intention to sell his club shares.

This is his post:

Season officially ended. Great happiness for the sport result obtained! Fan joy, but bitterness as a partner. Dear fans, at the end of a sports season that has seen us protagonists, from the first day, the time has come to rejoice for the strameritate promotion. As a founding partner, and above all for the feelings and roots that bind me to our beloved Palermo, I’m really excited of the goal that our society has finally reached: the return to the professional championships. First of all, I consider it necessary to congratulate and thank the architects of this first important step towards an ambitious achievement of the categories that most compete for us. Thanks to the fans who believed, like me, in the project, and they have always been close to us, allowing us to reach important attendance records and, above all, demonstrating, with their warmth and correctness, the love for rosanero colors. Thanks to the team, the coach and the entire staff who showed great professionalism and dedication both on the green coat of the Barbera than on the fields more difficult and lost. Always with a leading role. Thanks to the employees of the company who, in a very short time, managed to perfectly organize the activities of the first team and the entire youth sector, which in its first year achieved excellent results. In this moment of great euphoria, however, with immense regret, I am forced to communicate my resignation as Vice President of the SSD Palermo, an authoritative and prestigious role that I had accepted with great enthusiasm, proposing an ambitious project that would bring Palermo in the world, certain of a greater participation and adherence to daily operations, directly and through my representative in Italy. Unfortunately I had to find that a series of behaviors prevented me from exercising my role in a full and effective way to make the Palermo team an international brand certainly not inferior to the major Italian teams; in these months I kept a lot of bitterness for myself so as not to damage the team, taking note that on many issues relating to the present and above all to the future of society (which I imagine should be increasingly ambitious) I was prevented from making my contribution never being consulted in advance and indeed on some occasions even learning from the media the taking of decisions that should have been of the strict competence of the Board of Directors of which I was Vice President. With this outburst, I don’t want to argue with anyone and indeed I apologize to the fans who may be disappointed by this choice of mine, and to which I once again reiterate my great consideration, unconditional esteem and affection, but it is necessary to inform everyone that, in these conditions, it would be misleading to continue to play a role that does not correspond to the reality of the facts. Unfortunately, I understood that probably my passion for football and in particular the ambition for a GREAT PALERMO, cannot live with a completely different entrepreneurial mentality than that which accompanied me in my professional career in the United States. Therefore with great regret, I intend to communicate mine willingness to evaluate possible interlocutors interested in seriously and consciously detecting my participation, assuring, however, that until the definition of my exit I will not fail my originally foreseen commitment, if it is the case fighting and putting in the first place every good for our beloved team and for the city to which I am and remain attachedor“.

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