Palermo, the bosses wanted to launch a civic list, 8 arrests. “If there is no right candidate, we are out of everything”


“I want to make a nice civic list, without a party – said the boss – a list with the right Christians, otherwise you won’t do anything”. The Sicilian godparents no longer trust the intermediaries with politics, they point directly to their own training, complete with candidate for mayor. The latest investigation by the Palermo prosecutor and the police of the investigative nucleus, which led to 8 arrests tonight, reveals the project launched by a group of provincial bosses for the administrative elections that were to be held in these months: “If there is not it is a right candidate – they let off steam – the rest of us are always out of all sides “. The last laboratory of mafia politics developed in Misilmeri, a large center in the Palermo area where an old-fashioned clan operated, which had a historical name of Cosa Nostra, Salvatore Sciarabba, who was already arrested for mafia.

The investigations coordinated by Deputy Prosecutor Salvatore De Luca and the deputies Gaspare Spedale and Bruno Brucoli recorded the summits live. In one of these, three years ago, there was talk of politics. With a look to 2020. General Arturo Guarino, the provincial commander of the carabinieri says: “Despite the blows inflicted, the criminal structure continues to show great regeneration capabilities and tries once again to control the territory with various activities, both in economic field than in that of infiltrations in municipal administrations “.
The bosses wanted to start a real path to create their list. So theorized the clan ideologue, Domenico Nocilla, who had launched the idea of ​​civic education: “We have a friend in common – he said – his name is Nino … Nino Calandrino … long time I tell him, Nino candidates”. The ideologue of mafia politics explained: “If you are not in there, nothing comes out, so it seems that he is convinced, without prejudice … that we do not disturb anyone”.

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You seem to hear the words that the boss Bernardo Provenzano wrote in a pinch twenty years, words of great distrust towards politicians: “Now you inform me that you have a good level of contact, which would allow you to manage many great jobs, you would like to know what I think: but not knowing the name I can’t tell you anything … because today as today, there is no one to trust, they can be fraudsters, they can be cops, they can be infiltrated, and they can be unwary. And they can be great calculators … “. The break with the politics of the First Republic had already occurred on the eve of the massacres Falcone and Borsellino, on March 12, 1992, with the murder of MEP Dc Salvo Lima, who was found guilty of not having cared enough to avoid the convictions of the maxiprocesso. After the massacres, the attempt of a piece of Cosa Nostra to create an autonomist movement, Sicilia Libera. The idea of ​​a mafia party has remained. In Misilmeri the bosses focused everything on the civic list, which however did not materialize because at the end of 2018 the “Cupola 2.0” blitz brought the mafia protagonists of the reorganization of the clans to prison, and among these also some honorable men from the province : Filippo Bisconti, co-principal of the mandate together with Sciarabba, who then chose to collaborate with justice; Vincenzo Sucato, regent of the Misilmeri family, was the first prisoner who died for Covid in prison.Now, the new blitz blocks another piece of Misilmeri’s mafia mandate, which was mainly engaged in extortion to entrepreneurs and traders, to replenish the organization’s coffers. The measures concern: Salvatore Sciarabba, Claudio Nocilla, Stefano Casella, Giuseppe Bonanno and Alessandro Imparato. A sixth provision is for Carlo Noto, the house painter who hosted the Misilmeri clan summits at his home: since 2018, he has emigrated for work reasons to the United States, it has not been possible to arrest him. Giuseppe Rizzo and Giuseppe Contorno went to house arrest.

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