Palermo, Mirri-Di Piazza and the reasons for the discord: the knots Sagramola and Paparesta, the media exposure and the disagreements …


Two souls within the same society.

From the business combination made up of Dario Mirri and Tony Di Piazza was born last summer Hera Hora Srl, legal entity that was judged having all the requisites required to detect the sports title of the Palermo by the special commission set up by the municipal administration during the public notice. After the inauspicious end of the era Arkus Network in Viale del Fante, the zero year of the rosanero club was characterized by the advent at the helm of‘SSD Palermo the unprecedented union between the well-known advertising entrepreneur and the wealthy Italian-American real estate developer. The club’s shares were originally, and are still 50% owned by the club Damir, family business of the president rosanero, 10% held by the same Dario Mirri, the remaining 40% belonging to Di Piazza who assumed the position of vice-president. Asset executive with Sagramola in the active role of plenipotentiary profile in management and administrative, with the power to determine and oversee also the technical area led by the trusted sports director, Renzo Castagnini. Enthusiasm, sense of belonging, roots and attachment to social colors and the territory as cardinal principles and driving elements of the new corporate philosophy. Clearly defined entity of the resolved and underwritten capital, budget to be invested and temporal terms of the technical-corporate project revealed in detail. The physiological ambition to bring back the Palermo immediately into the world of professional football by setting up a team capable of dominating the championship of Series Dcontextually enhancing the youth sector, reconstituting a symbiosis of views and feelings with its audience, developing marketing and appeal of the new brand of the club on a global scale.

All clear during the presentation, a great desire to start again and move the first quick steps of a steep but fascinating climb. The short times in the transfer market and summer preparation, the unknowns linked to a reality such as the amateur one of which one had objectively a superficial and relative knowledge.

Bravi Sagramola and Castagnini to compose the mosaic suitable for the pursuit of the goal, good Pergolizzi to bring to port a ship that was traveling at a very different cruising speed than its rivals. Commendable technical staff and players in completing the mission despite critical issues, pressures and psychological weights of various origins. The exciting start, the physiological drop, a few tears and as many grunts for a leaders capable of winning. but rarely to enchant and convince. The breath on the neck of the Savoia, the strength, with character, cohesion and personality, to raise your head and run fast, driving back the fearsome club from Campania. The nightmare COVID-19, the sport that stops like the pace of life, marred and distorted by a pandemic that has claimed victims, pain and fear. The promotion sanctioned by the Federal Council and by the resolution of the LND, the separation, complete with predictable differences of opinion, with the technician Pergolizzi. All in the logic of things for those who had smelled the air and the implicit sense of some topical passages of the rosanero season. Just as the thunderous break between did not arouse particular amazement Dario Mirri and Tony Di Piazza, which culminated in the resignation of the latter from the position of vice president, complete with a post on his account Facebook in which the reasons for the dispute were explained.

Palermo, the outburst of Di Piazza: “They prevented me from playing my role, I give up the odds. Here is the truth ”

Role and specific gravity of Gianluca Paparesta, an on-site fiduciary profile of the American real estate developer, have been the object of profound divergence since the first approaches between the two entrepreneurs. Di Piazza would have wished for a more substantial strategic and operational involvement of his manager of reference, a desire that inevitably clashed with the absolute centrality of Rinaldo Sagramola in the management of all sectors within the club in Viale del Fante. The confinement on the margins of the managerial asset of the former Apulian referee, appointed operative director without ever actually clarifying their real responsibilities and tasks, it was from the first steps of the new Palermo reason for deep intolerance on the part of the Italian-American property developer. Net of declarations of practice, Dario Mirri immediately entrusted the keys of the rosanero club to the former CEO Vicenza, Brescia and Sampdoria, who has constantly dictated the line in concert with the majority shareholder, taking full responsibility for every important decision, albeit developed and shared with the members of the technical area and his managerial work team. Trust and full powers a Rinaldo Sagramola, a choice that in the light of the results has at the moment been successful but which has traced a crack that is difficult to remedy in the relations between the president rosanero and Tony Di Piazza. Often in the dark about the moves and intentions of the club of which he learned how and substance from the media, Di Piazza would have gradually matured the idea of ​​taking a step back during the season if things had not radically changed. A few calls to the most representative players, as well as to some institutional representatives of the world of football, by the Rosanero vice president, would have created moments of embarrassment and tension between the two souls, who lived together with no little effort and mutual impatience during a triumphant year on the field but very troubled beyond the borders of the green rectangle. Fervor and activism on social media and constant media exposure of the Italian-American entrepreneur would not have been welcome, to put it mildly, by the duo Mirri-Sagramola further sharpening distances. Cross-cutting divergences of thought, in terms of communication and marketing strategy, which foreshadowed an inevitable break between the parties. Di Piazza he chewed bitterly, making a good face for a bad game in the championship in progress for reasons. So the decision to break the delay and send the resignation letter well before the recent Board of Directors. Resignation accepted without batting an eyelid from the majority shareholder who did not consider it appropriate to make any informal attempt in order to dissuade the former vice president from his decision to take a step back. The current state, Di Piazza he remains in office within the club as a director, a clear transitory transition pending identification of a person interested in taking over his shares and definitively leaving the scene. Provided that there are no further aftermath and a tail to the poison in concerting the methods of separation between the parties involved. Certainly not the best scenario to coin guidelines and strategy in view of the next season in which the Palermo he will be called to make focal and delicate choices, in addition to much larger investments, if he really wants to play a leading role in Series C.

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