Palamara case, Salvini: “Legnini plots to make the CSM intervene against me”. The reply: “My intervention to protect the judiciary”


Matteo Salvini return to appeal to Sergio Mattarella. Giovanni Legnini defends and defines the intercepted dialogues with Luca Palamara as a “dutiful intervention, which falls within the competence of the CSM, carried out exclusively in protection of the independence of the judiciary from the other powers of the state, and which I would do in exactly the same terms “. The stone of the scandal is represented for the umpteenth time by the interceptions published by the newspaper The truth and related to the “case appointments“. “After insults and admission ‘Salvini is right but must be attacked‘, today The truth publishes other incredible interceptions, which reveal the nature of some initiatives of the magistrates against myself. I am sure that the Head of State will not remain indifferent: credibility is affected of the entire judiciary, the situation is now intolerable and drastic, rapid and decisive interventions are needed, for the good of the country “, says number one of the Carroccio.

Salvini: “Plots of the CSM against me” – The reference is to the dialogues intercepted in August 2018 in the investigation documents of Perugia. From those chats, according to Salvini, “le plots by Giovanni Legnini, vice president of the CSM and undersecretary of two Pd-led governments, to make the Superior Council of the Judiciary to support the investigation into the landing of immigrants from the Eighteen ship “. From the wiretapping, again according to the former minister, “four CSM councilors invoked the intervention of the CSM – as ordered by Legnini – to defend ‘the independence of the judiciary that I would have endangered”. A moment later Legnini replied: “The messages published today have nothing to do with the Palamara affair. This is a controversy generated by the dripping of message publications decontextualized and therefore partial and misleading“.

The Legnini-Palamara interceptions – But what does the former vice president of the CSM and the leader of the League refer to? At the dialogues between Legnini, Palamara and other CSM councilors at the time when Salvini, the interior minister in office, had ended up under investigation by the Prosecutor of Agrigento for the story of the Eighteen ship. The first intercepted chat reported by The truth is on the evening of 24 August 2018. Legnini writes in Palamara: “Luca, tomorrow we have to say something about the known story of the ship. I know you have not heard from Valerio (the councilor of the CSM at altitude Area Valerio Fracassi – ed) Ai (Autonomy and independence – ed) has already made a press release, Area (the left current of the robes – ed) agrees to take an initiative Galoppi idem (the councilor of CSM Claudio Galoppi – ed). Listen to them and let me know in the morning. ” Palamara replies: “Ok, I’m ready too. I’ll call you later and I’ll update you“. And Legnini: “Yes, but tomorrow morning you have to produce a note, in short something”. A minute later Palamara wrote to Fracassi: “did you talk to Gio (Giovanni Legnini – ed)? … what do you say, what do we want to do?”. The two meet for the next day. In mid-morning, on the Palamara mobile phone, this Whatsapp message arrives (no one says by whom): “We must hurry! I have already prepared a draft request. Before talking to the others, let’s agree it. ” According to what he writes The truth at this point a round of consultations starts for the approval of the draft and on the afternoon of August 25 online agencies and newspapers beat the news that four councilors of the CSM (Valerio Fracassi, Claudio Galoppi, Aldo Morgigni and Palamara himself) ask that the Diciotti case be included on the agenda of the first plenum of the CSM, urging an intervention by the Council “to protect the independence of the judiciary and the peaceful conduct of investigative activities” in the face of “interventions of the political world and institutions “which” by origin, tone and content risk adversely affecting the regular exercise of investigations in progress “. Shortly afterwards, again according to the reconstruction of La Verità, Legnini declares that the request will be dealt with in the first presidential committee, adding that “our goal is exclusively to guarantee the independence of the judiciary and the peaceful conduct of the investigations and judicial activity “.

Legnini’s self-defense – Legnini, today explains: “The facts are known and easily verifiable, and date back to 24 August 2018 and the following days. The Prosecutor of the Republic of Agrigento had started an investigation on the events of the landing of migrants from the ship Diciotti, and as a consequence of this activity it had been subject to attacks on the press and on social media by politicians and government officials. The associated judiciary expressed itself immediately with positions to protect independence of the Prosecutor’s activities: the ANM, the group of Autonomy and Independence, other groups and single and authoritative magistrates “. So why did the then head of Palazzo dei Marescialli call for an intervention by Palamara as well? “The activities of the Superior Council of the judiciary were suspended due to the working period, and as Vice President it was my institutional duty – says Legnini -, before taking any position, to consult with the members of the Council. Therefore I asked the representatives identified by the board groups of express their position. The messages that have been made public account for this request, the meaning of which is exactly the opposite of what The Truth reports. ” “My work – continues the former vice-president of Palazzo dei Marescialli – was aimed at getting to know the orientation of the toged components of the highest autonomous governing body of the judiciary, on the protection of the image and activities of an Attorney attacked and intimidated. After all the associative components expressed themselves in unanimous and compliant way, as vice president made public the position of the CSM with a note, exclusively addressed to protect the peaceful conduct of investigation activities by the Agrigento Prosecutor’s Office, without ever going into the merits of the same and without expressing any opinion on the activities in progress. I also announced that I would invest the affair, as I was asked by the council groups, the Plenum of the CSM at the reopening “.

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