Palamara and chats on Pignatone “A book, blackmail from Palermo …”


The tsunami that is hitting the Italian judiciary seems to have no end. A year after the nomination scandal at the top of the public prosecutors’ office, following the investigation involving the former CSM councilor Luca Palamara and president of the National Association of Magistrates, public prosecutor in Rome with aspirations to be an adjunct does not diminish the attention on the judicial investigation.

Games of currents, poisons, inferences bring up numerous magistrates who would have done or received favors. Poisons and secrets seem to have triggered chaos in the prosecutors of almost all of Italy. The flow of revelations does not cease to embarrass the judiciary. Former Roman prosecutor Luca Palamara points his finger at, the former Rome prosecutor, Giuseppe Pignatone speaking of a “blackmail to Palermo“.

As is well known, Palamara spoke to everyone. Entrepreneurs, politicians, magistrates and many journalists from all over the boot. A network of relationships for which, as a former CSM councilor and head of the Unicost current, he set up alliances and strategies. In constant confrontation with trusted colleagues; he decided who to support, apparently directing the vows to the Palazzo dei Marescialli. Seems to sort calls with requests for assignments throughout Italy. With great tactics, he defended himself from the internal frond that wanted to take him out when news began to circulate about an investigation that involved him in Perugia. In short, a race for armchairs played on favoritism, agreements and recommendations. Nothing new under the sun from what the pages of newspapers fill in these months. But what is new concerns the accusations that Palamara has against the Nissian magistrate Giuseppe Pignatone.

Exactly a year ago the Board of Directors of the Higher Judicial Council had just voted for the three candidates for the leadership of the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, and it was in the lead Marcello Viola, supported by the independent judiciary group and hidden candidate of Palamara. But the final battle would have been fought in the CSM plenum, and the former president of the National Association of Magistrates “sharpened his arms”. To position his candidate, Palamara said: “… you put someone who risks being blackmailed as Pignatone was blackmailed … I just told him that the only one who is not blackmailed is Viola”.

Also just in a dialogue between Palamara and the prosecutor Stefano Fava, apparently also investigated by the prosecutor of Perugia for aiding and disclosure of office secrecy, talk about how Pignatone’s career in the judiciary was characterized.

“I make a book, I’m not kidding ..”. Palamara says. “And let’s say everything that happened …”. Stefano Fava replies: “IThe title is ‘blackmail to Palermo’ … This is something that goes beyond no? That is totally … that is, you see how the whole career of Pignatone is a leak of information … it is like this … from the Mafia / Procurement investigation of 91 in all the proceedings where he was, the suspects, then there was Siino, there was Lipera they always had information, that is always in all proceedings, then Cuffaro and Cuffaro arrived in the Guttadauro affair, in the Aiello affair he went to say why Cuffaro was sentenced, because Cuffaro gives an assignment to his brother Roberto Pignatone, my own Roberto Pignatone … and in these proceedings who was there, Pignatone, because at the time he was right arm …

It is read on the site of the law firm Cdra which the lawyer Roberto Pignatone belongs to: “… has often collaborated with public entities. He worked with the Regional Directorate of Programming for the Sicilian Region, mainly dealing with relations between programming and budget, he was a consultant to the Councilor for the Budget and Finance of the Sicilian Region, mainly dealing with aspects related to tax autonomy and collection, he was a member of the Regional Consultative Commission for the collection of taxes in Sicily“.

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