Pablo Escobar’s brother sues Apple, the fault of iPhone X


It seems the beginning of a TV series: the brother of Pablo Escobar he sued Apple because of iPhone and in particular of an advertisement. This surreal premise is however founded and the news is certainly curious.

The brother of the known Pablo Escobar his name is Roberto and he recently started Escobar Inc., a company that makes smartphones. But it is not for a matter of competition that Roberto has sued Apple for a good 2.6 billion dollars.
As reported, Roberto Escobar would have bought an iPhone X some time ago also thanks to “Claim” of Apple who advertised it as “the safest on the market” adding that “would never have been vulnerable”.
Roberto Escobar however, he reported receiving unwanted calls on FaceTime related to a bug (now fixed). It’s not over here! It seems that a threat letter was also delivered due to the bug earlier last year forcing him to hide.

Escobar sues Apple

This led Roberto Escobar to sue Apple for three reasons:

  • breach of contract ($ 100 million required): the oral contract entered into with the declaration by an Apple employee that his smartphone had no exploits.
  • negligence ($ 500 million required): due to Apple’s failure to communicate the presence of the exploit to Escobar
  • emotional distress ($ 2 billion required): due to the stress generated, the embarrassment and humiliation and anguish related to the affair.

iphone x
The CEO of Escobar Inc. (Olaf Gustafsson) also stated that the cause has already been filed in court is Apple will now have 30 days to respond. If it does not, the Cupertino company will lose and will have to pay. Gustafsson believes that the case will be successful even if obviously Apple’s response will have to be waited for as it does not currently want to comment on the news.

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