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The coronavirus “has not disappeared” and with the relaxation of restrictions we must prepare for the arrival “of new waves that will spread very quickly”. The WHO special envoy for Covid-19 told the BBC radio program today David Nabarro. Even if the lockdown measures are gradually eliminated in many countries of the world, people are invited to continue practicing social distancing as much as possible and isolate themselves immediately if they get sick.

And the coronavirus death toll in the world is updated. According to data from the Johns Hopkins University there are 360,776 deaths for Covid-199 in the world. The country with the most victims are the United States (101,621), followed by Great Britain (37.919) Italy (33.142) e France (28,665).

Coronavirus deaths in the US could rise to 115,000 by 20 June. This was reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Cdc), whose estimate ranges between 115 thousand and 135 thousand deaths by the end of next month, numbers higher than those prophesied by Donald Trump. The United States currently has 101,621 deaths and 1,721,926 positive cases, according to Jonhs Hopkins university.

Covid-19 cases worldwide have risen to 5,829,474, of which 1,721,926 in the United States. The second country by number of infections is Brazil with 438,238.

SWITZERLAND – A child died of coronavirus in the Swiss country: authorities have made it known that it is the first death of a minor. In the last 24 hours, there have been two new deaths in Switzerland, bringing the toll from the start of the pandemic to 1,656 deaths and over 30,700 infected.

LATIN AMERICA – The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated again in the past 24 hours in , reaching 878,263 infections (+45,000) and 46,639 deaths (+1,900). This is what emerges today from a statistical processing carried out by ANSA on the basis of data concerning 34 Latin American countries and territories. Brazil is the country that worries most, with its 438,238 infections (+27,000) e 26,754 dead (+1,200), followed by Peru where the infected have grown significantly, reaching 141,779 (+6,000), of which 4,099 died, and from Chile which also records a surge of infected to 86,943 (+ 4,700). Among the countries with more than 5,000 cases of Covid-19, Mexico 4 / o stands out for contagions (78,023) but second for fatal victims (8,597), preceding Ecuador (38,471 and 3,313), Colombia (25,366 and 822), Dominican Republic (16.068 and 485), Argentina (13.933 and 501), Panama (11.728 and 315) and Bolivia (7.768 and 280).

UNITED STATES – There are 1,297 coronavirus victims registered in the past 24 hours in the United States, updating their toll to 101,573 deaths from the outbreak of the pandemic in the country. According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, there are 1,720,613 cases of positivity to codiv-19, more than any other nation. And the alarm goes off again in California where the highest number of new cases of contagion has been recorded daily, well 2,617 in 24 hours. The previous peak had been that of May 5 with 2,603 ​​cases. In total, there are over 101,000, 3,973 victims in the state.

ISRAEL – Cases of coronaviruses in Israel have started to rise again: in the previous 24 hours there have been 79 while in the past weeks – before the drastic easing of the lockdown with the reopening of bars and restaurants – they stood at around 20 per day. And 15 – according to media reports – are those reported this morning that bring the grand total to 16,877. The data prompted experts from the Ministry of Health to renew calls for citizens to respect the rules of social distancing and to wear masks.

SOUTH KOREA – South Korea reaffirms the alert phase on new coronavirus infections, announcing another 58 today, albeit down from 79 yesterday, connected to the outbreak of a distribution center of the e-commerce company Coupang in Bucheon, near Seoul . The capital’s great metro returned to social distancing until June 14. According to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the cases of domestic transmission are 55 and 3 those imported. The total infections are 11,402, the deaths 269 and the recovered 10,363.

BULGARIA – In Bulgaria in the last 24 hours 8 new cases of coronavirus have been registered (5 in the capital Sofia, 3 of them hospitalized) following 1,725 ​​diagnostic tests carried out. The total balance of infections thus rises to 2,485. As the authorities report, there are two new deaths, for a total of 136 victims. No new cases of contagion emerged among the medical health personnel, whose balance remains at 254.

BELGIUM – In Belgium in the last 24 hours there have been 42 new deaths due to coronavirus which thus rise to 9,430, another 27 hospitalizations and 212 new cases. Of these, 123 were registered in Flanders, 72 in Wallonia and 17 in Brussels. The total number of confirmed cases reaches 58,061. Local health authorities have announced this, specifying that the trends show a continuous and slight decline. Instead, 187 inpatients are in intensive care.

LIBYA – Libya has registered 6 other coronavirus infections in the last 24, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 105. The Libyan National Center for Disease Control announced on its official Facebook page, stating that the death toll rises to 5 while the cured rise to 59. The current positive people are 55. The presidential council of the government of the Libyan national agreement has decided to close the borders of the city of Sebha in Fezzan, where about twenty cases have occurred and to impose a total curfew for 7 days to prevent the further spread of the disease.

TUNISIA – Tunisia has registered another 3 new coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the North African country to 1071. The Ministry of Health of Tunis announced in a statement specifying that while the deaths remain stable at 48, the recovered ones rise from 938 to 946. There are currently 77 positive people, 2 of whom hospitalized. Tunisia, which has announced the obligation to wear a mask in public places, will reopen hotels, tourist restaurants, cultural institutes, museums and mosques from next June 4th, albeit with a reception capacity limited to 50%.

AUSTRALIA – The largest shopping malls in Australia have hired teams of security guards, staff members and various agents to enforce physical spacing guidelines, with the gradual reopening of major chain stores, such as Myer, Kathmandu and Uniqlo and the expected surge of buyers. The Covid Cops, as they were soon nicknamed, will be employed by the Vicinity group, the largest shopping mall owner in Australia. It will be their task to patrol the centers themselves, ask customers if necessary to keep themselves one and a half meters away from each other and monitor every large group that is starting to form in common areas. Traffic counter and heat mapping technologies will be used to monitor the busiest areas. Vicinity also intends to maintain zero tolerance for any ‘anti-social’ behavior, such as refusing to respect the rules, under penalty of forced removal from the center. Other measures include extensive signage, spacing indicators, hand sanitizers, intensified cleaning of rooms and regular public announcements.

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