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In conjunction with the launch of the new Unieuro cost, the distribution chain also renewed the offers of the day. In today’s list we also find a 75-inch Samsung QLED TV.

The model in question is the Q90R from 2019 with a 75-inch screen, which can be purchased for € 2,649 compared to the € 5,399 in the price list, for a saving of € 2,750 equal to 50%.

On a technical level we find the Quantum 4K processor which, as is also the case with other models, using artificial intelligence is able to optimize performance in real time, also taking into account viewing conditions and contents. The TV is also equipped with 16X Direct Full Array backlight technology, and the Ultra Viewing Angle system which allows you to have vibrant colors even if you look at it from the side. The Quantum Dot instead allows the TV to reach 100% color volume to give realistic colors for both dark and bright scenes, while the Quantum HDR 2000 offers deep contrasts and bright colors. For gamers, there is also FreeSync VRR technology which reduces the delay with signal reception to give a smooth and real-time gaming experience.

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