Over 200 kilometers of trails in the Maira Valley can now also be “covered” with Google Maps – La Stampa


Take the “Occitan Paths” of the Maira Valley, “Lou viol” of Elva or climb to the top of Chersogno or Mount Scaletta, with 360 ° panoramic views, from your home computer or mobile phone. Now it will be possible thanks to Google Street View’s Trekker Loan program. Last summer, in fact, a group of volunteers carrying on their shoulders a Google Trekker backpack of about 25 kilos, mapped 270 kilometers of paths in the valley in a month, covering a total height difference of about 18,300 meters, which can now be followed as a street in town through Google Maps satellite navigation.

A virtual walk through the high altitude passes, the wonderful Elva basin, the Barenghi bivouac and the Gippiera hill to which are added the high altitude paths of the Peroni Pass and Monte Oserot, the Apzoi and Visaisa lakes, the tour of the Rocca Provenzale and the beautiful Gardetta plateau. All available to enthusiasts, the curious and those who want an anticipation of what exciting reserves the wild and unspoiled nature of the Maira Valley.

The creator is the engineer Massimo Monetti from Udine, who had sketched the project for the first time in February 2017, during a conference at the Mondovì headquarters of the Turin Polytechnic, talking about the use of new digital technologies in the mountains. Among the supporters Mariano Allocco, former president of the mountain community of the Maira valley, now councilor of the Municipality of Elva and of the mountain union, as well as secretary of the High Lands Academy which is based in the Mondovì Polytechnic. «An ambitious project – explains Allocco – which arises from the collaboration between the territory and the Polytechnic. The goal is to give more and more international visibility to our valley “.

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